Watch This Video For The Perfectly Hilarious Take On The Aam People

The media has always tried to connect the reel to the real, and it is not often that is succeeds. The AAM AADMI FAMILY, a web series by The Timeliners is yet another effort to create something that is realistic and entertaining at the same time.

What Is The Aam Aadmi Family Show All About?

As the name suggests, the show concentrates on a Sharmaji ki middle-class family and tries to subtly bring out the various problems middle-class family faces, and the kind of discussions and resolutions they come out with to tackle the same.

The family consists of Mr and Mrs Sharma, their two children Bobby and Sonu, and the all so important and mandatory daadi, and a photograph of the grandfather on the wall.

The characters are well-built and relatable. Certain characteristics might seem generalised and stereotypical but add to the simplicity of the show.

The daily soap depiction of a daadi is challenged and not restricted to one who hardly has a role to play and is always immersed in prayers. No grandmother in today’s time not like a little entertainment and neighbourhood gossip and Timeliners bring this out quite well.


Sonu and Bobby are portrayed as the technologically obsessed young adults who are fancied by hashtags and trends. They are rebellious, and challenge the ways of their parents at almost every step in an urge to try ‘something new’.

Mr and Mrs Sharma turn out to be the simple middle-class Indian parents who are still reluctant at trying online shopping and constantly give ‘back in our days’ examples to make a point.

Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Watch It

What is good and bad about the show is its length. In about seven to eight minutes, it does manage to entertain and probably even have a giggle but seems a little incomplete.

However, what lifts the show up are the actors, who manage to get in the right amount of drama and realism  and justify its entertainment quotient.

It runs on generation clashes; with the younger generation constantly pushing the older to give change a chance. It concentrates on the petite issues like the placement of the new television or even clothing choices, that start a series of deliberations and arguments.

The show, like most YouTube videos, does not fail to successfully establish its sponsors, through repeated, and often unwanted mentions. As for Aam Aadmi Family, it’s Flipkart.


With just one episode out, Aam Aadmi Family seems to unfold rather convincingly. It is probably one of the many web-series that you might stumble upon on YouTube but this light-hearted family entertainer comes in the right amount to relax you after a busy day.

Rating : 2.5/5

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