Watch: The Most Bizarre Facts About Maruti 800, The Most Loved Indian Car

The one car that almost every Indian has owned at one point or another would be that small, boxy Maruti 800. 

It was perhaps the first car your family owned, it was also maybe the first car we all tried to drive and learned driving on. 

All those memories are attached with that compact car that was a staple of the Indian roads, it was the car we all packed up during summer vacations and took all the way to the nearest hill station. 

Created in 1983, Maruti 800 is one of the most iconic car of India, right there beside the Volkswagen Beetle and other such common man cars that are known for being affordable, fuel efficient and changed the whole automobile industry.

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Although the production of it was stopped back in 2014, Maruti 800 will always remain in our hearts. That’s why here are some interesting and bizarre facts about the most beloved car of the country. 


Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Livemint, Overdrive

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