Watch: Mars Base Is A Terrible Idea; Here Are The Reasons Why

Since the beginning of human civilisation, we have always looked up to the beautiful sky and dreamed of exploring what is out there. Thanks to new and advanced technology we have achieved a lot.

So much so that we can dream about going to other planets and settle there.

Tesla corporation, that is the brainchild of Elon Musk, has formed a new vision for our species. We plan to terraform Mars (making the environment of a planet suitable for humans to thrive in.)

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The idea is not something very far fetched but at the same time it sounds very impossible to pull off. We have enough volunteers, enough data and enough resources to go ahead with this mission, but is it really possible?

Here are some reasons why going to Mars is a terrible idea and why we should sit this one out.

Image Credits:- Google Images

Sources:- TheConversation, Futurism

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