Watch: 840 Smaller Worlds Discovered Beyond Neptune Is A Breakthrough

The Outer Solar Systems Origins Survey used the major telescope in Hawaii to make one of the largest set of discovered objects, that is, a total of 840 little-iced objects.

The new rocky objects can be divided into two groups- first, those that move on roundish orbits in the Kuiper belt. The Kuiper Belt extends to the outer solar system beyond Neptune and extends from 37 au to 50 au (1 au or astronomical unit=average distance from Earth to Sun) from the sun.

Second, the worlds that orbit away from Neptune as it travels around the sun. These are known as “resonant” trans-Neptunian objects and include Pluto.

They were moved into their current orbits during Neptune’s planetary migration outwards from the sun disk. Planetary migration refers to when planets grew to scatter away from the Sun.

Let us look closely into this amazing discovery that has increased the identified objects in the outer sky by 50%:

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Wire, Techtimes, Spacereporter + more

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