Elon Musk is undoubtedly the God of Innovation.

In his untiring voyage of futuristic inventions, the latest one to join is the much talked Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Well, following the bemusing launch of the ugly looking vehicle it’s evident that you must have heard about Musk’s Cybertruck provided you don’t live under a rock.

Tesla’s cybertruck is a unique kind of automobile that comes with the utility of a truck and gives a power-packed performance like a sports car. It also has a durable exoskeleton made up of ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel and is featured to have a versatile utility.

Elon’s giant toy is breaking the internet already. The video surfacing the launch has gone viral on almost all social media platforms and have netizens glued to it for updates.

The launch that technically went wrong seems to rock Elon’s empire for all the right reasons.

What Is The Hype About?

On Thursday 21st November 2019, Elon Musk was set out for the test launch of his newly designed vehicle along with his automobile designer, Franz.

The venue was overwhelming with all automobile enthusiasts eagerly waiting for the unveiling of the Herculean truck. Musk talks about Cybertruck’s extreme durability and toughness further emphasizing the specially designed ‘literally bulletproof’ glass windows.

With a magnificent introduction, Elon asks Franz to test the durability of the glass window and demonstrate the claim of an unbreakable glass window. Franz trusted his design and confidently shot a metal ball on the side window of the truck.

Surprisingly, the outcome came out to contradict Musk’s claim of shatterproof glass and the window cracked as soon as the ball hit it.

The audience booed in eerie silence whereas Elon freaked out and exclaimed “oh, f*ck” as an instantaneous reaction. It seemed like the breaking of the glass during the launch test was very unexpected for both Elon and Franz and they seemed to be clueless about the science behind the tragedy.

Musk is known for his witty comebacks and he defended the breaking of the glass by saying, “At least, it didn’t go through,” and made the ambience less awkward.

The event was covered by high profile media and it didn’t take much time for the video to go viral on social media.

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The Reaction

The viral video of the breaking of the unbreakable glass window was not only fodder for trolls and memes but also made Tesla’s stock go down by 6% the next day.

Rivals and Elon haters made good use of the situation and ruthlessly mocked the real-world Tony Stark for his overconfidence and unprofessionalism.

Those two days must be crucial for Tesla and everybody kept their finger’s crossed waiting for Elon’s next move. The naysayers declared that the Cybertruck will be a failed design and Tesla is likely to suffer a huge loss because of it.

Contrary to everyone’s anticipation, Elon Musk kept calm and trusted his design. To everyone’s surprise, 146,000 Cybertrucks were sold soon after its faulty launch according to a tweet by the young CEO.

It didn’t stop there, the numbers kept increasing and sore to 200k recovering Tesla’s downscaled stocks in just 4 days.

Such a crazy turnover had netizens go bananas over the news. And Musk, one more time proves that he is invincible.

Was It All A Part Of The Plan?

Following the unconventional launch leading to an overwhelming response worldwide, it is speculated if the entire situation was well-staged.

Jerry Bracke, a VP Engineer at Spacewell wrote on Quora, “How can anyone honestly believe this wasn’t premeditated? In an ordinary business conference meeting, we make sure there are two microphones, we make sure there are spare batteries, etc. A multi-billion dollar enterprise launching a product that can make or break the company, where hundreds of people prepared the event over several months. Such an iconic act and you believe this was a mistake? You can be damn sure if this was not intended, that glass would not have broken.”

He opinionates that the launch was crafted as per the Guerilla Marketing strategy- a marketing strategy in which a company uses unconventional ways to promote a new product.

He is bolstered by few other people who believe that Elon is a tactful entrepreneur and selling off 200k faulty designed trucks with “no advertisements, no endorsements” is a well-crafted move.

It might be true as the incident got Tesla humongous coverage and Tesla’s Cybertruck is something even a non-follower is aware of!

Whereas, on the other hand, some people firmly believe that – Too err is human and the infallible Musk made a mistake this time.

I believe it’s an interesting theory but it’s still debatable. Musk is seen explaining the mishap saying, “Sledgehammer impact on door cracked base of the glass, which is why steel ball didn’t bounce off,” in a tweet.

With Musk justifying the fallacy of the event, it’s unclear if it was all staged or an actual blunder. But all we know is that Elon Musk is setting the world on fire with his visionary approach. Be it a marketing strategy or a horrendous mistake, we see Musk winning at it already.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Guardian, India Today +more

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