Vacations Are Here! Six Things You Can ACTUALLY DO This Vacation Instead Of Getting Bored

Vacations are here! And so is boredom. All of us wait for our semester breaks like crazy but ultimately, we end up cursing them because, “Oh! I am so bored. I want to get back to college.” Here are few crazy things you can try out this vacation and probably procrastinate saying that you are bored.

Make a LEGO iron throne:  How cool will it be, just imagine making your own miniature iron throne.  That throne for which all your favourite characters have been killed, that will be YOURS. You can be the king of the globe.

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Read a book backwards: Reading a book is too mainstream when you plan to read a book backward. This vacation, let’s read a book backwards and check if we are smart enough to understand things upside down too.

The-end-book (1)

Go on an adventure trip: Go hiking, mountaineering and trekking with your bunch of friends. Ditch the drinking plan at that bar and get your shoes on. The mountains are waiting for you.

Mountaineering-and-health (1)

Do something noble: Organise a charitable drive for a cause. Work for it, work on it and give your 100% in getting the best for it. This will not only contribute to the society but also help you develop yourself as one of the finest humans. It will teach you the corporate skills required these days and at the same side, make this society a better place to live in.

ajj-3 (1)

Try your hand on something challenging: do something constructive for yourself and your career. Probably try writing a research paper on a topic you are hardly aware of. This might just make you read and learn more than you’d do in college.

research-paper (1)
And if you don’t find any of these cool enough to give a try, I’ll tell you the coolest thing:

Go to an art exhibition, act like you are the most learned artist in your age group and talk to others who actually are the Gods of fine arts and then feel dumb and come home and cry with me.


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