The world of online food delivery apps just got a famous name to enter its market – Uber.

Yes, the cab hailing platform has launched its first ever food delivery wing in India called the UberEats. Now, there isn’t any shortage of food delivery apps in the country so it’ll be exciting to see how much does Uber’s already established name benefits the growth of UberEats.

Now, there isn’t any shortage of food delivery apps in the country so it’ll be exciting to see how much does Uber’s already established name benefits the growth of UberEats.

Understanding UberEats

UberEats is a food delivery app that helps connect you with different restaurants in or around your area and allows you to place your order through it.

UberEats is the food wing of Uber and it was started in 2014 in Los Angeles. In a span of just 2 years, UberEats has spread over 78 cities from around the world.

The business model of food delivery apps.

The basic business model of UberEats is just like any other food delivery app, which is that they charge the restaurants a service fee to use their platform and then provide them with third-party delivery.

In India, Uber has already tied up with over 200 delivery partners and will charge the customers a nominal delivery fee of INR 15 per order inclusive of taxes.

Launch In Mumbai

The introduction of UberEATS in India, with Mumbai as the first city to go live with its food delivery service is a major step in our global expansion strategy

– Bhavik Rathod, The head of UberEats India explains the decision of picking Mumbai for the debut of UberEats.

Amongst the 200 restaurants, UberEats has partnered up with, including The Good Wife, Fresh Menu, Coffee by Di Bella, The Bohri Kitchen, Le15 Patisserie, Nom Nom, and The Bombay Canteen.

The company has specified that it’ll take only 35 minutes on average for an order to deliver to your doorsteps. Now, I’m curious to see that happening because let’s call a spade a spade, Mumbai has one of the worst road congestions in the country.

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How Uber lands on customers’ expectations would definitely be the defining factor its future in the market.

Challenging For UberEats OR Other Delivery Apps?

It is highly unlikely that other food delivery apps in the market wouldn’t have been threatened by Uber’s entry in the spectrum.

Uber has an internationally renowned name backing its ever-stimulating growth. But, no western business in India has been able to stick it in the Indian markets without adapting to the Indian ways.

While UberEats plans to charge the customers for a delivery fee, there are plenty of such apps which do that for free of charge. That’s obviously because indigenous businessmen are aware of how much Indians love free stuff (Cue Jio’s introductory free data and calling service).

But to make up for the delivery fee, it does bring something new to the table and that is booking the delivery of food, one week in advance. I don’t know how much traction will that help UberEats in gaining but it could be interesting to see how it goes.

To conclude it, UberEats does throw the impression that it could make it in the food delivery business but it’s hard to say right now while all major food delivery giants in the country are neck-and-neck to expand nationally. Perhaps, time would tell.

Image Credits: Google Images and Cherryy Chauhan

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