Trump Might Pass More Shocking New Orders Affecting Everyone In The World, Are You Ready For It?

Trump might pass more shocking new orders, his government seems to have a quirk for it. This time it is going to be about evaluating the possibility of asking foreign visitors all their social media info, like which sites they visit, what their regular activity is like, etc. Along with the whole of their contact lists.

Yes, everyone. All of you who ever want to step on American soil, this concerns you.

Though this has not exactly been legislated into a transparent law, there are reports prompted by White House policy director Stephen Miller all over the internet about preliminary discussions the new President might be having with the departments of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol along with the State Department about it.

Trump social media

This comes after Trump’s executive order to bar citizens belonging to seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for the next 90 days and to suspend the admission of all refugees for 120 days.

Is this what happens when people with little federal governance experience take over the government?

Let’s begin with an example here. U.N. envoy Nikki Haley gave a statement earlier this week, “For those that don’t have our back, we’re taking names; we will make points to respond to that accordingly.” Enough said already?

To be fair, I indeed am picking out this line from the blue and stating it ahead without a context. But really think about it, in what context indeed would such a statement sound any legit, okayish or remotely great?  Does the Trump government wants to stoop to for securing allies through threats?

Trump might pass more shocking new orders to shake up the world but why?

It does not sound one bit like it could come from someone interested peace talks. He is really interested in shaking things up a lil bit, here, there everywhere. Impose a ban on foreign immigrants and the whole world stares at you with jaws dropped!

Needless to say, nobody is happy about it. Angela Merkel isn’t. Theresa May was pressurized into admitting through a spokesperson that she isn’t. Justin Trudeau hasn’t made a comment but he surely indicates that he isn’t okay through reiterating how all immigrants continue to be welcome to Canada, promptly after the order.


Why would they need our social media information and contacts?

The superficial idea is to transparently screen people and their allegiance for greater national security. When you track a person’s social activity, you can map out his profile even better. Many potential terrorists have been known to use social media to openly network and also pledge allegiance thoughts status updates.

The USA is quite the target for international terrorist attacks and tighter security would automatically mean increased control over who moves in and out of their country.



While NSA is already notorious for data mining information they shouldn’t, this comes as a rather blunt move. They will be imposing both backdoor and ethical policies to impose strict surveillance. At the end of the day, the objective is to stay at the top of the information game and virtually have access to every answer regarding who, what, where, how.


Insularity and isolationism are not going to make America great again.

It isn’t even very definite how they are going to pull off such a radical wide sweeping move. They do not have the manpower installed for it yet, and if it is made into a policy it would elongate the VISA procedures significantly.

Trump’s leaning towards political isolationism towards a concerted ‘America First’ policy will radically change power equations around the world. So while he is interested in reshuffling his allies according to his strategy of insular development in some time, he has already begun to pick his fights.



America is right now targeting not just Mexico to seal off with walls, she wants the greater world to pay to sealed off from them. By the looks of it, Trump wants to implement a psychological border wall that will deter anyone foreign from even considering an easy stroll into their woods. The net projection is this: America is not to be taken lightly and America is definitely okay without you if you do not submit to her.

It just won’t work. We live in a hyper-connected world and before anyone else, it is America who pushes and pulls through the world’s socio-economic fabric as the only hegemonic power center.


Is America scared of sharing her WiFi?

That is exactly the thought I am entertaining in my head because the whole enterprise sounds like a utopian joke. I was surprised to read that this policy was already making its rounds under Obama administration though mostly helming contacts even remotely connected to criminal activities. To be redefined and mutated and strengthened to such an extent is something of a shock.

Is it because it’s coming too soon? I guess so. And you know what, by helping Trump trend almost every day in our conversations globally, we are playing right into his hands.

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