Troubles Continue For Samsung As It’s Washing Machines Explode

Samsung, working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has issued a recall for 2.8 million units of Samsung’s top-loading washing machines after reports indicated that 730 units exploded due to design failure. The recall includes 34 different models of top-loading washers. The incidents reportedly caused nine injuries.

List of recalled models of washing machines by Samsung
List of recalled models of washing machines by Samsung

“All of the sudden, without warning the washing machine just exploded,” said Melissa Thaxton, who narrowly avoided a serious injury as the washing machine broke down during its spin cycle.

Other reported cases include injuries caused by a washer lid which flew off and hit a woman.

Investigation is Underway

According to Elliot Kaye, the present chairman of CPSC, serious investigation is underway. “We’re talking about … a very serious hazard of the top of these washing machines completely blowing off,” said Kaye, in an interview that aired on abc’s Good Morning America on November 4th.

Nothing seems to be working out for Samsung in 2016. Just a few weeks ago, Samsung was forced to issue recall notices for Galaxy Note 7 due to numerous reports of devices being exploded and was eventually forced to permanently end production of Note 7 following systemic flaws in the devices’ battery design.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this is creating to our loyal customers. We have worked closely with the CPSC to offer a consumer friendly recall that is safe, easy and complete with choices suited to the needs of anyone who may own a recalled machine”, Samsung told the reporters of the GMA show in a statement.

Why has it been happening? Has Samsung changed a major part in their Quality Assurance programs? Is it just a string of bad luck?

Do You Trust Samsung Anymore?

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco had already tarnished Samsung’s reputation with consumers worldwide. This new issue with the washing machines has simply made matters worse for the electronics giant.

Maybe it’s time for Samsung to issue a press release detailing which devices won’t blow up on our faces to make things easy.

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