You Think Travel Job Is All Fun & No Tears? This Will Seriously Make You Re-Think A Travel Job

Movies like Yeh Jawani hai Deewani or Queen or Highway, sure paint a beautiful picture for people to make them want to explore the world. People these days get too influenced by movies, so there is a trend among people to look for jobs which keep them travelling throughout.

But movies do not tell us the whole story.

So before you make up your mind about the whole travel job thing, here are ten signs that tell that maybe you are not meant for it:

1) Are you a selective eater?

Quesadilla- No, I don’t like Italian food.
Roquefort- Nah, upset stomach
Shrimp scampi- I’m a vegetarian.


Having specific eating requirements or having a forever weak stomach does not mean you can’t travel once in a while. But when you have to travel for a living, this situation will not suffice.

2) Are you a snob?


Are you the kind of person who only prefers hotels which have more than 2 star ratings and would not be able to poop in a different styled toilet (like an Indian one)? The travel job may or may not (mostly not) provide you with good hotels.

3) Do you have sea/motion sickness?


Here’s the simple math – to be able to travel you have to go somewhere, and to reach there you need to use transportation, so again the situation occurs of whether you would be able to manage that for the rest of your life.

4) Do you get scared easily?


Do words like dogs, height, water, fire, darkness, and similar things, fill you with terror? Because your job would require you to go to places having these things and that too probably alone. Being scared for life isn’t that fun is it?

5) Are you too attached to your family/friends?


Mom’s food is unbeatable.

I wish I could play cricket with Dad on Sundays.

You can’t have both the comforts of home and the thrill of adventure here. So you have to decide which one you want more.

6) Do you fear change?


Some people get too attached to things too fast. But as a traveller you would hardly ever get to go to same places again and again, so you’d have to accept the fact the changes will happen and learn to live happily with new surroundings.

7) Do you generally dislike people?


Interacting with people is another important aspect of travelling. If you get annoyed by people fast, and avoid interacting with them.

a) Your life in that strange place would be hard, because you’d feel alone.
b) Your experience would be incomplete because a place is made up of its people.

8) Do you lack patience?


Movies -Person never stands in line, tickets magically appear with no waiting.

Reality – Long lines to go to a ride in the park, to get the ticket of a place, even for using the public washrooms.

9) Are you irresponsible and lazy?


Once I get the job my work would be over! That is the attitude of normal people before they get jobs. But guys, it isn’t as hard getting into the job as it is to do it. So you’d still not be giving your brain that vacation you hoped to get.

10) Does your mind not work in emergencies?


Hopefully you won’t get into these situations much, but sometimes you might be stuck in a really cold place without a jacket, or having no food for really long, or having no money in a place where nobody understands your language. And you would be forced to take quick actions.

Ya, travelling isn’t as glamorous as they show it to be, right? Anyway if you do not mind all these problems because the ultimate goal of yours is to travel, then go ahead and get that job, you hero!


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