“Jodi tur daak shune keu naa aashe, tobe ekla Cholo re”.(If any one does not respond to you, then get going alone)…………..A beautiful song of Rabindranath tagore, sung by Amitabh Bachchan in the recent thriller film “kahaani”. This song is truly mesmerizing and inspirational. And I think this song should be hum by “The King of Good times“,  Dr.Vijay Mallya. After all, today he is the one who is going alone, unheard by all. Bagged the best Airlines award in 2011, Kingfisher seems to have lost it all in 2012. The heavy burden loan of Rs 5600cr, strikes by crew members, cancellation of flights, unheard by government, falling of market shares and above all loss of of reputation and trust. Today I believe, most of us will be reluctant to book a ticket in KingFisher even it offers a low price because of  its irregularity. They have already closed their centres in Lucknow. 
 The aviation sector is certainly the the step-children of the government. Today, KFA is in crisis, tomorrow it will be Air India and so on. The government has to lower down the stringent set of rules. It has to stop viewing the aviation sector business as elitist. Today, travelling in planes is no longer a status symbol. It is necessary. 
So, can I sum up by saying that KFA is having his last breaths???No, I can’t..Miracles do happen…..As an optimist I believe that KFA will bounce back stronger than ever. 


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