The Week That Was; Trash It, Trend It

Welcome again to my weekly desi take on the top trends and news of this week.

Yes, people say stupid stuff, and some go ahead and DO even more ire inviting stuff. My goal is to be unbiased to their degree of stupidness and bring to you the top 3 mentions of the week that can induce a migraine even in the most patient of us.

But playing by the Silver Linings Playbook, I want to keep my karma in check, and also not bog you down with all that was wrong this week, so as a treat, here’s also the top 3 things of this week that made social browsing worth the cringe.

We had hoped 2016 would be different but to no avail. And the situation would likely remain the same all year round.

Trend It

The sessions at Jaipur Literature Festival, 2016! Check out the inside scoop!


Sunny Leone’s demeanour in the face of the monstrosity  that was Bhupendra Chaubey. 

You simply don’t mess with a strong woman.

Indian Blind Cricket team beat their Pakistan counterpart to win Asia T20 Cup!


Trash It

Apparently trash now passes for adult comedy. Yes, we’re looking at you, Tushar Kapoor.

Incidentally, I wonder what Pankaj Nihalani thought of this movie. Sanskari enough?


Incidents of cars being hijacked left, right and centre in India. Terrorists, you still can’t travel far enough from us.


The 4-1 loss in the T20 series in Australia. Buck up, cricket team! We’re all rooting for you.


Let’s make this is a weekly affair, where we can vent our hearts out.

Catch you next Sunday!

Until then, keep an ear out for topics you’d like me to take up next week and holler them to me in the comments. Or use your stalking skills and reach out on social media with the top news this week!

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