TiEcon Delhi 2015: The Biggest Event For Entrepreneurship; ED Liv’ED It Day 1 Part 1

We just got back from Day ONE of, undoubtedly, one of the biggest entrepreneurship events around.

TiEcon The Balancing Act which is spread over 2 days i.e. 16 & 17th October, 2015 at Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi, is literally worth every minute spent there, we felt.


From great learning sessions, to speed networking, to crazy amount of real opportunities, to massive growth prospects, to amazingly engaging and funny stalwarts from every industry, we are just wondering why we weren’t here at TiE before.

So let’s get you a quick low-down of what ED did there on Day One of TiEcon.

Starting at 9:15 am (which is like snooze time for Delhi and its popularly late people), it was pleasantly surprising to see a packed hall at this hour, to listen into some amazing wisdom and humour of Nikesh Arora, President & COO, SoftBank Corp on Entrpreneurship in India.

This was followed by some thought provoking insights by Vanitha Narayanan, MD, IBM India and Kirthiga Reddy, MD, Facebook India on building sustainable organisations, no matter how small right now.

It was nice to see an interactive and responsive audience at this first session of the TiEcon event.

In a parallel session a Master class on product design hacks was going on, which we couldn’t attend, but that just told us that there is a lot for everyone here at TiEcon, people from all industries can attend extremely relevant sessions for their space.

The next session we rushed to was Chai Pe Ask Me Anything with CyberMedia’s, Lacoste’s and Jambooree’s MDs.

But while on our way we came across these 3 pin up boards, asking you to put up a sticky note on each about what you can do for others and what you are looking for.

ED ended up connecting with 6 people just through that, within minutes of us putting ourselves up on those boards. (*big smile)


All this while 4 more sessions were on at the same time. Woah! So much to absorb and do here. You just need to have the right appetite, trust us:

– Networking over tea and coffee in one hall

– Facebook India’s MD Kirthiga Reddy in conversation with select startups in another hall

– Nikesh Arora, President SoftBank in conversation with select startups in yet another hall

– And even a hackathon happening somewhere

– Oh! and did we mention that there was a hall full of stalls taken up by brilliant startups and companies where you can learn about them at ease to utilize for your own startup?

The best part was the timeliness of the agenda. Nothing was too long to get boring, and all was happening according to schedule. 

On our way to the next session, we happened to talk to Kirthiga Reddy, MD, Facebook India exclusively for around 15 minutes about ED and its growth. What insights she had for us to take to!

At around 12 pm, we entered the session of ‘Investments in non tech startups’, which made a lot of sense to us.

Best part was not only us talking about ED here to the panel and members, but even how we connected with the panel of investors regarding our family business, which was a completely different ball game. (talk of using a day to the fullest *wink) (thanks TiEcon)

Needless to say, there were parallel sessions on in different halls around food startups, startup pitches to real investors and inclusive dividend.

And finally, break for lunch and networking. Phew! We really needed it.

Guess we need to break into another blog post here rather to get you the remaining day of this exciting TiEcon event….

Contd…into Day 1 Part 2 here…

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