Three Things To Look Forward To As College Starts


DU’s new academic session is set to begin next week, and for the ‘college-starved-bored-of-holidays’ species as well as the diametrically opposite ‘college-haters-holidays-should-never-end’ species, there are at least three things to look forward to- as college begins anew-

1) College Cursing Rhetoric- All of us have hated our college at some point or the other, be it because of the strict attendance rules or the draconian time table schedule, the daily travelling or the authorities oblivious to the students’ comfort. So rejoice all, going back to college gives you the license to go on cursing your college to your friends and with your friends ; at the same time realizing that you’ld still much rather study in your college than in any other.

2) The Lovable Professors – Nowhere else will you find such a diverse range of professors. There are the eccentric ones, the outright terrorizing ones, the annoying ones who feel that the students have assembled to listen to them ramble about their topic of research specialization, the outright terrible ones who make even the most interesting topics sound boring, the cool ones with whom you can joke and in whom you can confide. It is absolutely entertaining to have such a varied stack of teachers within the same department.



3) Back to Those Favourite Hangout Spots -Going back to college also equates lazy forays with friends into the lush, well-manicured gardens (when it is pleasant of course!) or beating the heat in the college cafe/canteen or your favourite hangout spot in the vicinity. Ten years down the line, you’ll remember the wonderful memories at that special spot of yours’. Yes, and now I have become all sentimental!


The bottom line is to cheer up, there is always something to look forward to as the new session starts-be it fun, or knowledge, or entertainment, or well…you can always curse your college.


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