Teachers in Indian schools are not really known for taking an initiative and working outside of their job description. Or more specifically teachers of public and government schools don’t do those things, while teachers of private schools still sometimes do because they got the funds.

However, the news of a primary government school in UP having their own music band is certainly good to hear and show how initiatives taken by teachers really do matter especially in such schools.

Second, it also brings to light that government schools are quickly shedding their stereotyped image.

Gulhira, the primary school in question is in the Harak block of Barabanki and the principal has created a music band for both the boys and girls that consist of 12 students each.

What Is The Importance Of This Band?

As per sources, the band members perform on most of the major occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day and more and include a variety of instruments like trumpet, flute, bass drum, snare drum to name a few.

The principal of the school, Sushil Kumar who is behind all this, was quoted saying that, “I saw how in private schools, enthusiastic children took out Republic Day processions on the symphony of ensembles. I wanted that for our kids here as well.”

He even stated that he himself picked out the band uniform of green t-shirt, white skirt/half-pant, white shoes, a tri-coloured cap and scarf all to create an aura of patriotism.

A school teacher Jyoti Rawat also said, “On hearing about an upcoming event, children get ecstatic. Performing in front of their parents and relatives make them feel they are doing something extraordinary.”

Trained by district scout master Rajendra Tripathi, the students have also stated that performing in front of a public and the appreciative audience make them happy and excited to do it.

Even Skand Shukla, from the basic shiksha parishad of Allahabad stated that “This initiative of forming music band in a government run primary school is a shining example for other school principals to replicate. It will make education more fun.”

And while some of this might be possible because of grants and help from NGOs and other such organisations, but it seems that the principal himself was willing to take the first step towards making a change in his school.

Apparently, Kumar even started a crowd-funding bid on Facebook in order to collect money that would be used to upgrade the infrastructure of the school.

This has allowed the school to quickly climb up to be almost of competition to a private school what with it having smart classes, there are projectors, computers, and laptops for use and the attendance rate of the school is an impressive 80%.

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Last April, the school was even given the status of an English medium school that has brought over attention of private school students.

This just goes to show how a teacher or school staff member if willing to take the step can literally change a school for the better.

This band allows the students to have a sense of purpose and responsibility and makes them feel valuable who go around spreading joy and happiness with their music. Not only does it work to better various skills of the student but also builds self-confidence in them.

Government Schools Are No Longer Bad

Government schools are slowly doing away with the image of being poor and under-maintained with bad teachers and no education.

Instead with the steady government support and teachers who are willing to take up the task are changing that image to where no government schools have smart classes, good infrastructure, a good curriculum and are enticing even private school students.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Hindustan Times, Scroll, Deccan Chronicle

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