This Photo Series Shows How Women Are Sexually Abused

Art transcends all boundaries. Art being the most expressive medium to convey emotions and messages has found a new meaning.

A French-Senegalese artist and photographer Delphine Diallo has successfully compiled a photo series of five Senegalese women who have been living at La Maison Rose, a shelter for women and girls recovering from sexual exploitation and abuse in the capital city of Dakar.

These women typically belong to the interiors of the country where education and other basic facilities are absent and women exploitation is rampant. The condition is so bad that UN aid has not yet reached these areas.

The project was released internationally on Thursday which was The International Day of the Girl.

Diallo in one of her interviews said the she decided to shoot the photo series in Senegal because it has one of the harshest environments for women to live in.

The first woman is Penda, 21 who was raped by a taxi driver which resulted in Penda getting pregnant. Ashamed to tell her family she left home and has been living in the shelter home since the last two years.

sexual abuse

Fatou, Coumba, Mariame  and Anta too has a similar stories.

Save the Children’s Girls’ Opportunity Index which ranks nations according to gender equality in the country prompted Diallo to take up this project.

sexual abuse

The bottom five nations on the list are all African. While Niger is at the bottom, Senegal is ranked 98th out of 144, which isn’t very good.

Genital mutilation in the name of rituals and customs is very common in the country. Almost half the women in the country are either raped, married before 18 or genetically mutilated.

sexual abuse


Female Abuse In India

While several steps have been taken to improve the deplorable conditions of women in India the ground reality is more or less the same.

The number of rapes in the country on daily basis is staggering and most of these are reported in the rural areas.

The ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ campaign has met with positive response so far but can it bring forth a change in the scenario is yet to be seen.

Women shelter homes in the country are filled with women who have such sordid stories to tell.

Diallo’s photo series is an attempt to bring a stop to increased sexual abuse against women all over the world.

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