The entire fad about “New Year New Me” often focuses on acquiring a completely different body. We have grown to accept a certain body type to be beautiful or appealing, and have failed to accept ourselves. What you are about to read is not a rant on body shaming, or a motivation to accept yourself; but, it is definitely an act of appreciation for a beautiful artist who hits the right note to create an impact, and educates our already well-informed and learned audience.

Meet Sarah Naqvi, a Textile Design student at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Like most of us, Sarah too has an Instagram page that she uses not to flaunt her vacations or the food she ate but to create a sense of awareness on topics we think we know a lot about.

Sarah uses her creativity and imagination to craft some bold and beautiful designs that make so much sense and connect rather instantly with anyone who sees them. She uses her art to promote body positivity, normalising menstruation among others. Her experimentation with different materials and methods of expression provide a perfect blend in getting the message across.

What makes her art different is the fact that it is not overdone, and is not rhetoric. Each caption that accompanies her work is crisp, bold and to the point; thus, ensuring that people understand the essence and don’t get lost in words.







Body shaming still does exist and is not just restricted to women. Everybody seems to be caught up in an imaginary world of beauty that probably if made a reality can ruin lives in terms of self-respect and confidence one carries. It is a battle that each one of us fights, and in a world filled with Instagram and Facebook updates, it is artwork like these that seem to hit the question of “Why and for whom am I doing this?”

What Sarah is doing is a very small part of a huge movement that is slowly gaining momentum. From thin photoshopped models to oversized ones, we have definitely come a long way in accepting reality.

Image Credits: Sarah Naqvi Instagram

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