This Is How Winona Ryder Reacted To Some Silly Indian News


The SAG Awards were just a couple of days ago and while Stranger Things very rightfully won an award in the category of Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, it was Winona Ryder’s expressions during the speech that have gone viral over the internet.

The speech, an impassioned and empowering one at that by David Harbour was very quickly overshadowed by Ryder who was standing just beside Harbour.

And her expressions during the speech are truly worth remembering, as it was not just one or two that crossed her face. It was a rainbow of varying and different expressions that passed Winona Ryder’s face and pulled our eye towards her before anything else.

Having become an internet sensation, we got the idea that some of her expressions could very well present how some of us here in India feel about the recent happenings in the country.

So here is Winona Ryder reacting to the top 5 news items that happened in India:

1. The Demonetisation Line:

winona ryder

winona ryder

2. The Bangalore Mass Molestation:


winona ryder

3. The Entire Jallikattu Circus:

Jallikattu 1

winona ryder

4. Expulsion of Akhilesh Yadav From Samajwadi Party and Then Him Ultimately Getting The SP Symbol Of The Cycle:


winona ryder

5. The Mandatory National Anthem In Theatre Halls:


winona ryder

I know there are more awesome Winona Ryder reaction worthy news pieces that I probably missed out on. Then let me know of which ones you think should be getting a reaction in the comments section.

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