Now that 71st Independence Day is upon us (yes, it is upon us), we need to be serious about our nationalism. And by that, we mean serious patriotism.


Here’s what I am going to do today to proudly show everyone aka MummyPapaBhaiyyaBhabiChachaChachiAuntyUncleSharmajiSharmajikaladka that I am Bharat Ma ki saachi beti,

1. Listen to only patriotic songs on repeat. 

‘Chak De India’ is going to be my jam today. Alo, if Lata Aunty’s voice does not move you to Nehruvian tears, you should just die.

2. Wear Tricolor Clothes. But not below the waist.

Nobody can complain about having one more reason to shop.

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3. Make a Pilgrimage to a Gaushala to pay my respects to humari saab ki mata, Gau Mata.

Learn from these South Park people. Or run for your life.

4. Go on a fast to pray for the purity of this nation. Or well, satyagraha.  

Regardless of me eating like a baby dinosaur on any average day, I am going to try.

5. Sing the National Anthem around people who are sitting down. You ought to test everyone’s patriotism.

Yes, you have to stand. Even if it is a car hood.

6. Spend our chai-pecharcha time decoding Modijis speech. 

As a true nationalist, nothing else should capture your imagination other than the Prime Minister’s golden wisdom.

7. And finally, use only PayTm. 

Make In India over everything. Any day.

If anyone has a problem, Nehruji ki kasam meet me at the nearest police station you anti-national person.

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