Capital of the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi in Karnataka retains its glory as a place of pilgrimage and recreation. It is an important temple town with a lot to offer.

Visited predominantly by pilgrims and foreign tourists, it misses out on being a part of most Indian travellers’ bucket lists.

Boulders in ochre and rust, engulfing towering Dravida style temple complexes, cafes dotting the village scene, buzzing with people and music, a plethora of homestays packed with tourists, roadside shops selling local junk, Hampi is a sight to behold, steeped in hippie culture.

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Here’s a list of reasons why Hampi should be on every traveller’s bucket list:

Brush Away The Winter Woes


Get A Taste Of Karnataka Culture


Explore The Architect Within You


Go Back To History


Take A Boat Ride Across The Tungabhadra


Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side


Delve Into The Hippie Culture


Get Local With Home Stays


Consume The Cafe Culture



Hampi is a one of a kind place to be at.

Hope we’ve given you guys your next winter getaway!

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Images Source: Google Images

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