A YouTuber named Tony Mitchell (and otherwise known as “Nem: The Infinity Watcher” on Twitter) may have just set an unusual record.

This guy watched Avengers Infinity War 48 times and seems in no mood to slow down or end his streak!

#FanGoals? Hell yeah!

It all started as “just super fan things”, where a lot of fans around the world gathered and watched the 3rd installment of the Avengers series multiple times in theaters but Nem took it to a whole new level with his regular tweets, where he updated the chronology of his movie theater trips every day.

By the time the counter hit 15, he had been noticed by the Twitter-verse. Slowly, the tweets started to go viral and he started reporting his trips everyday, taking the count to an astounding 43 shows and counting.

His regular tweets were subjected to scrutiny as well, where some people claimed that he may have just been posting pictures to gather hype but Nem posted the pictures of all his tickets that he had purchased to further prove that his tweets were authentic.

In an article published on CNet, Nem has revealed that he generally goes to Northlake Mall AMC theater near his home in Charlotte, North Carolina to watch the movie during weekdays and due to a “rambunctious crowd” in Northlake on weekends, he prefers going to Concord Mills AMC.

He has expressed his love for the Avengers Infinity War in multiple tweets, where he once went on to say that he may have just found the answers to life by watching the movie.

Adding to it, the fact that this guy watched Avengers Infinity War 48 times and has probably set some world record paid off in even more fruition, when Nem recently posted a tweet thanking the Russo brothers (Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of Avengers Infinity War and the upcoming Avengers 4 movie) for inviting him and his family (his wife and 2 children) to the premiere of Avengers 4 in 2019.

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IMAX is also helping Nem achieve a further record, where they’ve handed out 50 tickets to him for free to continue his record streak and that has made him a Twitter celebrity overnight.

Be that as it may, it just goes to show the power of superhero movies, superhero franchises and the loyal fandom that they’ve created over the years, evident by a staggering $1.998 billion gross of Avengers Infinity War and the fact that the film has received a rare month-long extension in China, the money won’t be stopping any time soon.

For all the love that Nem has for Infinity War, we sure don’t know if someone from India would take up a challenge like that. But hey, congrats to Nem for his amazing record.

More power to you, Nem!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: BBC, CNet, Mashable + more

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