This Engineering Student From India Makes Harry Potter Wands & Looks Like A Character From Magic Land

Meet Oishi Lahiri… the 20 year old engineering student with a flair for art, craft, painting and pizza!

She is pursuing her B.Tech degree, but her hostel room looks somewhat like a professional art studio. Like most engineering students, she has a love for all things television, but this particular lady’s passion is next level!

She is entirely self-taught and creativity-driven. She wanted to continue with art and make a career in design, but circumstances led her to the Biomedical Engineering department of a university in Tamil Nadu.

But there are some forces of nature that are unstoppable, so while most girls her age while away their time in making perfect pouts for pictures, Oishi uses it to make something else for her camera lens.

When I first met Oishi, I had only seen her pen drawings…

Her interpretation of Dan Brown's Inferno
Her interpretation of Dan Brown’s Inferno

But soon enough, I realized that she isn’t just a binary artist, she uses colors as well, and draws a lot more styles…

Finger paintings
Finger paintings

Eventually… I discovered more. Oishi isn’t limited to 2 dimensions. She is a mind-blowing crafter too. She likes the cool stuff: Harry Potter, Dragon Ball Z, Game of Thrones and Pokemon.

Oishi loves Cosplay too. She was the winner of the University event where she turned up as Ash Ketchum, in a costume entirely self-made. It included the Pokeball, Ash’s signature cap and a Pokedex phone cover too!


Recently, Oishi came asking me if I knew a carpenter who would sell her wooden dowels. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help. But she tracked one down and bought those sticks. What for? Take a look…


That’s right. Oishi is the real life wand vendor from J.K. Rowling’s world of fiction. She creates these wands ENTIRELY by hand, for very affordable rates and using everyday materials. They come complete with authenticity certificates and are even available in paired gift sets.


Then the grotesque happened, and they ended 5th season of GoT by killing Jon Snow. And Oishi didn’t take it too well. She sort of went crazy, actually. She bought all the paper she could at the local stationers, and built what became to be known as the Ultimate GoT fan gift: the Black Box.


This opens out into…


All the 3D city models are made of glue and paper independently, not from any DIY kits. Take a closer look…


It’s manic, almost. But I would buy it!

Once her GoT phase passed, Oishi turned romantic. Her latest pieces are made from paper still, and make for helluva gift ideas.
Some people are averse to the idea of flowers, either because they die, or they reminisce funerals. But there are alternatives.

Like the kind that are revoked from the waste, Trash-To-Treasure kinds!


Finally, here’s is Oishi’s most recent creation, and probably the most adorable of them all… The Pokemon Rare Candy box…


Personally, I like the Melody: I think it’s a nice touch! :P And she can make other Pokemon too: Charizard, Jigglypuff, you name it!!

So here’s the good news: some of these are on sale. You can find them here:

And you can find Oishi here:

Thats Oishi in one of her costume avatars…


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