For many parents, sending their kids to school in cabs and autos is always an activity full of safety-concerns. All those fears can now be set aside thanks to this new start-up called Piggy Ride cabs.

Piggy Ride For Your Kids:

India’s first cab service that exclusively caters to the transportation needs of kids, Piggy Ride has started its services in Bangalore, Karnataka. It offers customisable rides to kids between the ages of 2 to 18 years.

This initiative is a major stress-relief for parents with hectic schedules. They can now plan their kids’ trips to school and other places with full assurance of their safety.

Is The App Safe?

Founders Manish Tewari and Rohan Kaushal have worked closely with start-ups like Ola before coming up with the idea of Piggy Ride cabs. The growing concerns regarding children’s safety motivated them to carry their idea forward.

So above all, the app intends to lay away all the fears that parents may have during the course of a trip. High-end technology is their answer to all such apprehensions.

piggy ride cabs
The app has top-notch safety features

Basic features like live GPS tracking are supplemented with other features like live video surveillance using a 360-degree camera, use of Artificial Intelligence to score driver behaviour during the ride, and geofencing to ensure that the driver doesn’t take a route off the course given by the app.

Not only that, Piggy Ride even has panic buttons installed next to the child’s seat. This allows the child to contact their parents who can immediately immobilize the car by reporting ‘suspicious behaviour’.

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What’s New?

At first glance, the idea sounds very much similar to other cab services we know of. Why don’t parents just use those apps?

They would if their worries about their kids’ safety are properly addressed. Other services indeed provide comfortable and smooth rides but at the end of the day, they are designed specifically for adults.

This is where Piggy Ride cabs enter as a much needed innovation. You can schedule rides sitting elsewhere and also get live updates about the ride, including those about the driver’s conduct.

Moreover, they hire only those drivers who’ve passed a strict 15-step verification process that includes a check into their backgrounds as well. Thus, they’ve quite literally ensured that kids are being left in safe hands.

How Is India Welcoming The Idea?

Even though the service has been functioning only for 8 months, it has been growing at a rate of 100% every month. Talk about consistency!

Within Bangalore, Piggy Ride’s cabs have been serving kids from more than 50 educational institutes and day-cares. They are now trying to build a local discovery platform for kids’ activities using input from parents who regularly use the app.

With the numbers that they are clocking in, the start-up is looking forward to expand to more cities within India.

Start-ups like these need to be encouraged as not only do they bring ease to working professionals’ lives but also address basic concerns like safety, especially in a country like India.

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Sources: Piggy Ride, ENTrackr, My Story

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