Valentine’s Day is finally here but I wonder who are those people that are indeed happily celebrating the victory of their love today?

Single people are already unhappy by seeing their social media being flooded with mushy V-Day posts and stories. Newly-committed people are burdened with too-much stress and pressure in planning the perfect day with their significant others. Couples who have been together for a long time are conscious that they don’t come off as clichéd that they celebrate Valentine’s Day.

So honestly, who is happy today?

Bas Bajrang Dal?


Well, we found someone on Twitter who might be just as exasperated as you and me today, but probably did a far better job in expressing his #DardBhare emotions.

Meet @Aasshiiqq, a fellow member of our ‘forever singles’ community, who has gone viral on Twitter for his depressing yet insanely funny tweets about Valentine’s Day and his star-crossed lover, who apparently has no idea how madly he’s in love with her.

We’re sure his #DardBhare tweets will make you both laugh and cry this V-Day.

Check them out here –

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Bas kar pagle, rulayega kya? *sob..sob*

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