Mobility is an essential and integral part of our daily routine. You started your first job which gave you a feeling of immense pride. The location was 10 km away from your home and public transport took quite a long time. 

Buying a two-wheeler immediately struck your mind but because it was your first job, you could not think of a new two-wheeler.

But it was the need of the hour and you had to buy a vehicle even if it was a used one. And deep inside, it did not matter to you as you were buying it from your money.

A feeling of independence is beyond comparison. Isn’t it? In this case, it is just that you will have to be a little more cautious because you are getting into a used product. 

Keep these things in mind when buying a used two-wheeler:

Better to discover the history of the two-wheeler:

“Doodh Ka Jalaa, Chach Bhi Phook Phook Ke Peeta Hai”.

Don’t wait for something unexpected to disappoint you when it comes to buying a used two-wheeler.

It is going to be extremely wise on your part if you find out the history of the vehicle and check if it was damaged in an accident earlier. A damaged two-wheeler will give you poor performance.

Know if the two-wheeler is still insured:

Ask the seller if there is any Two Wheeler Insurance policy in place or not. Ask for the papers and verify them thoroughly. You will know the validity and type of insurance cover.

Find out if there are some add-on covers or not. The details mentioned in the insurance policy should match with that of the two-wheeler. 

Is it too old and rusted? For sure you would not like to buy a noisy and rusted vehicle. Check your two-wheeler physically so that you do not end up buying a rusted and worn out two-wheeler.

Look for the Tires:

It is again an activity of physical examination first. So, if you are liking a used two-wheeler and are interested to buy it, you must check the conditions of the tires.

Extremely worn-torn tires will indicate that the two-wheeler has been used roughly or is very old. If the condition is poorer than what you expect, think because the replacement will be costly for you.


You don’t want a slow-performing two-wheeler that cannot take you far. In other words, you should ask for the mileage of the two-wheeler.

Simple, you should know how much money you will have to shell on fuel against the miles it will cover. This is also an indirect cost in the amount of the used two-wheeler you may think to buy.

Check for the seat condition & storage space:

You must be thrilled to buy your two-wheeler and don’t care that it is used. But you may want that it should not look that old. So, it is good to check for the upholstery for the two-wheeler seat. Find out if the storage space under the seat is in usable condition or not.

Take a test drive:

If you are convinced with other factors, take a test drive. When you start the vehicle, try and give acceleration for longer with brakes. It will help you identify defects if any.

Consult with your mechanic:

When unsure, you should ask your mechanic to take a final look and approve whether you should buy a used two-wheeler or not.

There should be no pending challans:

Very important task and completely unavoidable. To prevent any mess after you buy the used two-wheeler, you should ask the seller for any pending challans. Get them cleared by the seller before you make the final deal.

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Things to do after you have bought the used two-wheeler

Owning the two-wheeler was your dream. Now, you can reach anywhere quickly and still be safe. After you have purchased the used two-wheeler, you must do these things as fast as possible:

Collect No-Dues Certificate from the seller:

One of the most important things you can not avoid is to collect the no-dues certificate from the seller. It is a certificate that will confirm that no more payment instalments are due for the two-wheeler.

Get an insurance Policy:

If the seller had an insurance policy, you can ask for the transfer of ownership if the policy period remains. Otherwise, buy a new policy for your used two-wheeler. You can check online for the quotes, coverage type, and the add-on covers.

If the two-wheeler you have purchased is very old, then go for a third party insurance for bike. This will reduce the overall premium of your insurance policy.

Make use of NCB:

In case, this is your second purchase of the two-wheeler, chances are that you must have earned some No-Claim Bonus on your previous vehicle. You can ask the insurance company to adjust the bonus in the new policy. 

Transfer of Registration Certificate in your name:

You should visit the nearest RTO. Take your two-wheeler along with for inspection by the transport authority.

Do not forget to take some necessary documents like an invoice of the two-wheeler, no-dues from the financier, insurance policy (if there is any), payment receipt and your identity proof. You can then apply for the transfer of RC in your name.

Get the two-wheeler serviced for fixes and cleaned-up:

You can send the two-wheeler for servicing. Ask the mechanic to clean it up and make some minor fixes for you. It is essential for the good performance and long life of the two-wheelers.

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