Things Mr. Kejriwal needs to do this Summer-Monsoon season!



  •  Distribute candles during the scary power cuts. I am sure you must have witnessed many!


After all, only mufflerman can come to our rescue, now that Kamal [Lotus] and Hi 5 are nowhere near the accessible and ‘acceptable’ area.

  • Keep the rescue boats and the team ready if there’s water logging during the monsoon season. We surely need Kejriwal to save us from the extreme weather conditions.


We don’t want another Mumbai situation in Delhi.

  • Mr. Kejriwal should take out his ‘magical’ muffler hidden in the closet. Winter is coming!


Who knows when the temperature might just rise and fall! Well, you never know. What about all his super powers hidden in his muffler? :D

  •  To have many more chai-pe-charcha with Mr. Narendra Modi and not let the State-Centre government dynamics hamper the functioning of the city.


What if they have coffee during these chai-pe-charchas? Not fair for the media houses, they must feel cheated. :P
Somebody is at work. Boooo media houses. *Thumbs down*

  •  To pick up his election manifesto and compare the amount of work done.


                Only he can tell. Well, it’s report card time and Mr. Kejriwal would love that.

  • To ensure that nobody steals those ‘n’ number of ‘imaginary’ CCTVs put up, as promised by the Aam Admi Party.



  •  To add a new definition of the word ‘Aam’ in the dictionary since ‘Aam’ is not Aam not anymore and everyone else other than Aam acknowledges oneself as Aam or the Aam Admi.


  •  To distribute Aam (mangoes) in order make up for the times the Aam Admi Party let us down.


Who doesn’t love free food?

  • The second ‘last one’ is very important no matter how trivial it might be for some in comparison to other issues.


To please ask the cyber team why the promised ‘free’ WiFi also requires a password at the Connaught Place metro station.


  •  To keep his Sugar in check since the sweet candy coated talks are highly diabetic in nature, for the ‘sensible’ at least. I sense danger. :P


  • Keep his calm while dealing with others. That’s the best we can wish for him. Happy Aam Days! :)



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