DEvil: Not All Mothers Are A Gift From God: Stories of Mothers Who Brutally Killed Their Own Children

Mother’s Day is celebrated for the pious and angelic blessings children get in the form of mothers. But, every general rule has exceptions. Read the following exceptional true stories of horrifying mothers who insensitively killed their children:

She detested them because they shared her food:


Rosa addressed her four children as cockroaches. As her husband died she had to share her food with her four children.

No more willing to feed her children she sliced one’s head, poisoned one’s tea, pierced another’s heart and strangled the last. After committing these hostile murders she is still not found.

She threw her child to silence her cries:


At 76, Ruby was reported by her son James to have murdered her daughter Jeaneen, 50 years ago. Ruby admitted she was frustrated that both Jeaneen and James were crying at the same time so she grabbed Jeaneen from her ambler and threw her toward the couch.

James described that Ruby would grab him by the neck, bounce his head off the wall, and physically abuse him throughout his childhood.

If this was not enough, she made Bruce, her son stands in a corner with a paper bag on his head while she hit each of his toes with a hammer.

Killed her child in the heat of the moment:


Ka Yang, was convicted of first-degree murder for putting her one-month-old child Mirabelle Thao-Lo in the microwave for five minutes.

The crying baby needed her mother’s attention but Yang took it otherwise.

The baby was being irritable and fussy. Unable to concentrate on her work she left the baby heating in the microwave. She was caught between her lies only when they found Thao-Lo’s pacifier inside the microwave.

His sickness provoked her to beat him to death:


Adekoya, when convicted her internet history showed searches including “I find it hard to love my son”, “why am I so aggressive with my son” and “Get rid of bruises”.

To hide the guilt of murdering her son, Adekoya reported him missing to the police. Unable to plan too well she was caught upon investigation. It was found that she “lost her temper” when he was being repeatedly sick.

Adekoya barbarically smacked him and struck him on the body and head. Finding no improvement in his health, she dragged him to the shower and “beat him heavily “on his back as he lay over the bath edge. Unable to bear her torture any longer Mikaeel gave up on breathing.

Little Mikaeel’s plight did not end even after death as his mother (read as murder) bundled him in a suitcase to hide his body in a far off place.

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Blessed with two daughters, she was glad they could be sold:


Jeanifer Lee Segrest was alleged to have sold her daughters for $30,000 to a pedophile. The daughters aged five and six respectively were sold by their mother for her greed of money.

Her demonic nature appeared brighter when she had no feelings whatsoever even when they were repeatedly molested. The innocent girls were mere commodities which were being used in front of their mother.

Not all mothers are angels some may be devils in disguise. Some may simply enjoy giving pain and some may kill you just to stop your cries. Motherhood is not necessarily joyful for all.

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