10 Types Of People You Will Find In Your Office/College/Building Elevator

This planet is made up of variety of people. And we, more often than not can find these variety in the lifts/elevators.

Read on below to see the types of people you meet in an elevator.

Which one are you?


1. The Traveller

This is the person who carries the biggest, heaviest and the bulgiest bag on every day of the week as if they were travelling to another continent in the lift. Their ‘luggage’ takes more space and time in the lift than themselves. And yes, they have all the right to smash the bags in your face, if you are coming in their way. There isn’t a room for adjustment by these people what so ever.

2. The Telephone Operator

S/he are the people, who despite knowing the fact that there’d be no network in the elevator, tries to either complete the call they were previously on, or send one last message. They secretly believe, God would allow their phone to steal a network or two till the time they are in the elevator.

3. The Beauty Pageant

Giving the stereotyped privilege of this to the ladies, these are the women who after getting into the elevator, forget the world and are just lost in the mirror image of themselves. They need to check if their lipstick, kajal and other eye makeup is in place. Some of them also use the elevator mirrors to closely notice the number of acne and black heads. If it were not for the lift-men, these women might also miss their floor being so lost in their beauty.

4. The Creep

These are the men/women who check you out from top to bottom, and mentally judge you in their heads too. They possess a PhD in making other uncomfortable by continuously starring at them. They make assumptions about you based on your dressing sense (which may be justified a bit though).

5. The Pseudo-Liftmen

These are the people who take up the responsibility of managing and controlling the lift in the absence of the liftmen. They’ll be the ones whose fingers itch to press the open and close door buttons as soon as they see there is no one on the floor waiting for the lift.

6. The Journalists

There are some people who will never keep quiet in the lift. These are those people who think sharing a minute or two of silence is against the elevator rules and hence, will fish out some or other topic to discuss with others in the lift, and even the lift-men (if they are alone in there).

7. The Mourners

In contrast to the journalists, these people always are mourning over something when they are in the lift. They refuse to make any eye contacts and conversations what so ever. They are most eager one to leave the lift.

8. The Room Fresheners

They step into the lift, and all of sudden, the lift smells better than ever! They are the ones whom we call the perfume bottles or the room fresheners. They definitely are the ones whom you secretly wish to sit on the same floor as yours. After all, they smell wonderful!

9. The Camera-Sensitive One

Every lift has a camera installed. Similarly, it also has a person who just cannot resist from starring at the camera and give the security looks, that in their mind a terrorist who would hijack the elevator would give.

10. And of course, the Lift-man!

He will be either the happiest or the saddest person you’d encounter throughout the day. Some of them would love their job of pressing buttons and oscillating from the first floor to the last floor million times. While others might be the ones who would come and sit in the lift only when they see someone going towards the lift. The happy ones will have a continuous radio with them, and the sad ones will always give you a dead stare if you used the lift more than two times a day.

Elevator 1


These are the types of people you will find in your office/college/building elevators.

Post in the comments, if you have come across some more of these that aren’t listed here!

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