These 27 Drugs Sold In India Are Of Sub-Standard And Will Be Banned

In a country where a Doctor is treated as God imagine what his medicines will be called?

An extension of God themselves, these drugs that are life saviour were recently tested for their quality and adherence to climatic protocols and to surprisingly 27 drugs were found to be of substandard quality.

The 27 drugs are mainly used by physicians for pain and other diseases you don’t run to the hospital to. Simply put, they are prescribed to a large number of people and therefore are consumed In large quantities across the country.

Drugs sold in India

27 Medicines Is A Huge Number!

The tests were regular tests that were conducted by the Central Ministry. Each year a few drugs are found to be breaking such norms. These drugs are signalled out and are immediately put out of production until they become feasible to the climatic environment and the laws of the ministry.

So what was so different this year? One, the sheer number of drugs that were found breaking the laws and the two that these drugs are consumed on a very large scale. These drugs are often used in association with other high dosage medicines. So even if the production is stopped what about the drugs that are being supplied in pharmacies?

banned drugs


Big Names And Dirty Games

The largest pharmaceutical companies in the country found their names on the blacklist. They included names like Abott India, GSK India, Sun Pharma, Cipla and Glenmark Pharma. The total shares of these companies accounts for almost 92% of the pharmaceutical shares.

Apart from producing sub-standard products, the pharmaceutical companies were also warned for producing medicines in unregulated conditions, false labelling, discolouration, moisture formation and wrong mention of ingredients on the product label.

The failing of test by big names and the falling standards of the top notch companies has alarmed the government. Instead of evaluating medicines after they enter the market, the government plans on making rules harder so that medicines such as these 27 are unsuccessful in entering pharmacies in the first place.

Medicines found sub-standard were Stemetil, Pentids, Althrocin, Vasograin, Ascoril, Zentel, Myoril, Dilzem, Bid Syrup, Phexin, Amlomed, Derisone, Polycap, Mifegest Kit, Symbiotik, Fixobat, Ciploric , Omecip, D Dilvas, Rifempin, Rablet, Plaves, Fernica, Rabiwok, Entroflora and Enpril.

The government also has eyes on Corex syrup and Vicks Action 500. With the large number of medicines being banned it not surprising that Patanjali is becoming a success with each day!

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