These 2 Indian Cities Are Among The Most Inspirational Cities Of The World

What is the one thing common between people belonging to creative professions, considering each profession is creative in its own sphere? INSPIRATION! While writers, poets and painters need muses to base their art upon some just seek peace and quiet to begin anew.

Travel Bird conducted an analysis of all major cities in the world to recognize what land actually inspires people. A tricky analysis to do since inspiration is a subjective term and varies from profession to person to problem.

Nonetheless, Travel Bird compiled data on cities dating back to their creation (sometimes as old as the Indus Valley Civilization) and then on basis of the data collected the cities were marked in the following categories- Performing Arts Companies, Art Schools, Art Galleries, Museums, Film Industry, Music Production, Start-ups and Inspired Romance.

We bring to you a concise version of the list highlighting some expected and others totally unexpected entries on the list.

  1. Jodhpur bagged the 76th position

Admired for its typical Rajputana culture and age old palaces, Jodhpur was graciously rated in the Museum, Inspired Romance and Art Galleries section.

  1. Mumbai bagged the 83rd position

Not surprisingly, Mumbai found a place on the list and also was the highest rated city in the film industry section. No surprises there too!

mumbai is a coastel town of india

  1. Miami tops the list

This definitely raised a few eyebrows but according to data collected Miami is the growing hub of performing arts and start-ups.

miami beach inspirational city

  1. Bristol ahead of every other metropolitan in the world

Bristol a tranquil town in England landed the fourth spot ahead of London, New York and every other European town!

the bristol bridge. bristol ranked fourth on inspirational cities

  1. Florence landed on the 10th spot

The magnificent city of Italy that has been an important centre since Renaissance found itself ranked 10th because of the slow economy, no new enterprises being set up and lack of film industry there.

Florence domes that featured on the inspirational cities list

  1. Ever heard of Bruges?

Even if you’ve been to Europe it is unlikely you now of Bruges. A small city in Belgium is the second most inspirational city in the world. Definitely inspires us to buy an atlas.


bruges was the second highest rAnked european city

  1. Hanoi is the last

Another fabulous city with really ancient history, the capital of Vietnam rounded up the list being ranked 85th.

Hanoi was ranked seventh on inspirational cities

USA had the maximum cities on the list while Asia too had quite a good number of names up there. The criteria however can be criticised because it did not take into the account the literary history or the architectural magnificence of the city which too is inspirational for some. Now its to see where Indian cities stand next year!

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