The Zika Outbreak Is A Possible And Serious Threat

There are many reasons why universities such as the University of Arizona are preparing their students – both offline students and those pursuing an online MPH degree – to handle a Zika outbreak. An outbreak is now more possible than ever, especially with the threat level being raised to Level 2 in certain areas like Haiti and Florida. Florida, in particular, has seen the worst case of Zika virus spread compared to other parts of the country.

The virus is transmitted via mosquito bites or through the transfer of bodily fluid, including sexual activity and blood transfusion. Experts are working hard to understand more about the virus by studying those who have been infected. A vaccine is not available at the moment, but many believe that it won’t be long before one can be distributed to areas with severe cases of Zika infections.

Learn more about Zika virus and the possibility of an outbreak from Targeting Zika: The Threat and Fight Against the Virus from

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