The Paans of Fire and Ice: Have You Tried Them Yet?

Paan has been India’s identity from the Vedic times, from the spit stains on the road to the corner Paan shops, everyone associates with Paan in some or the other way.

But these Paan sellers just like every other occupation have never stopped innovating in their field.

Two of the most interesting Paans that one can eat around are the Fire Paan from Rajkot, Gujarat, and the Chuski Paan, in Connaught Place, Delhi.

So taking a step towards Rajkot in Gujarat first let’s take a look at the making of the Fire Paan.

This Paan innovation was started by Galaxy Paan shop whose family has been in this business since 1972. The idea of a flaming Paan came after seeing alcohol shots that were lit on fire in clubs. It took about 45 days to experiment with different kinds of Paan fillings to come up with a perfect one that gives an amazing taste. The idea is to put the cloves on fire, resulting in a cooling sensation after the fire is out.


This Paan is not just seen as an amusement source but is also considered to be very beneficial during cold and flu and hence is in great demand during the winters.

Catch a glimpse of how it’s done in this video:

And now walking towards Delhi, Connaught place to experience the Chuski Paan.

Based near a big peepal tree, this shop looks like an authentic village Paan shop, but the kind of innovations they have done with their business is something to look out for. The shop is called Odeon Milan; you can locate it in D-Block, near Odeon Cinemas. They have been running this business for quite some years now, but few years back they started adding flavors to their Paan like chocolate, raspberry etc.


A unique Paan they come up with is the Chuski Paan. It looks fairly like a normal Paan but is completely filled with crushed ice and different types of syrup. The best part is that you can’t eat it yourself, the Paan Wala has to place the Paan in your mouth. The experience of chewing it is amazing and surely gives you a brain freeze.

This Cold Freeze costs only about 20-30 bucks, so Bye-bye Starbucks we have the new cooler in the town.

Next time in CP, break the heat with this refreshment.

Catch a glimpse of few college students enjoying the Paan in this video:

These kind of innovations are proof that one can do so much more in every field. Salute to these people who are keeping the Indianess alive in the country.

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