The Media of Social Media – The Tumblr vs. Facebook Story

Let’s face it.

The only reason half of us still use Facebook is just so we know what’s up, with the people we care for, and sometimes, with a bit stronger desire, we don’t, at all, so to speak.

Then there’s Tumblr, where the media actually is. Be it liners, graphics, memes, photographs, and all the other weird literary/graphic formats people use to express themselves these days. You name it, it’s all there. Plus, that’s where we *choose* to post the coolest stuff anyway, so typical.

That’s it, people, we might still use Facebook to connect, but Tumblr is where we express.

Here’s what you need to see to know what Mark Zuckerburg and David Karp did differently.




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Hope you enjoyed these posters just as much as we enjoyed making them for you.

Graphic credits: Abhinav & Amit

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