By Anam Seraj


Millennials of the 21st century have different meanings when it comes to the word ‘Feminism’.

For instance, you would come across boys calling it a ‘woman’s drama’ or you may come across girls calling it a ‘We hate men!’ movement. Many even consider it as ‘Vaginal Supremecy’, but dictionary defines feminism as the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Feminism, in all its true senses, is the establishment of an Egalitarian Society. It is merely a humble yet strong plea of a woman to have equal Human Rights; like the ones enjoyed by a rich MAN, a poor MAN, an old MAN, a young MAN after facing discrimination for ages.

Feminism found its essence as late as in 1820s during Women’s Suffrage Movement for the Right to vote, though the discrimination persisted since times unknown.


You have seen that the word feminism is distorted to fit anywhere and everywhere. Here are two ideologies often thought to be feminism.


When a man generalizes a woman, confining her to the predefined norms of what she is and she cannot be; he is a sexist. When a woman generalizes a man, confining him to the stereotypical definitions of gender; she is a sexist too.


While feminism demands equality, misandry is the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e the male sex). So those who are a part of ‘We hate men!’ movement are not feminists, they are misandrists.

When a woman generalizes a man, thinking that every man is a rapist or wants her body and in turn develops a tendency of dislike or contempt for the entire male race; she is perhaps the victim of Misandry.

Getting into the psychological aspects of this, when a man, let’s say is a sexist or misogynist, it is because of the century old inherited ‘tradition’ of thinking that the opposite sex is inferior.

It is further followed by the GENERAL psychological tendency of men dreaming to become a ‘saviour’.

Similarly, when a woman develops misandrist tendencies, she is psychologically trapped in a mindset where she has, through personal previous experiences seen a man’s predatory tendencies.

 In defence of the men, there are perhaps ‘pseudo-feminists’ in our society that we might find holding a placard of “All Men are dogs!” claiming their name to fame in the garb of Feminism.

Although it is quite likely that these women are Misandrists rather than Feminists. So, I do know that you boys might be afraid of a woman claiming to be a feminist but it might be possible of her being a Misandrist. Or otherwise maybe you’re just perpetually afraid of a strong opinionated woman.

So, before you dilute the essence of a strong movement by hating it for something it is not, know what you really need to hate. The term is MISANDRY boys! Thank me later.

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You see, men and women STOP GENERALISING!


Among the Feminist discussions, the ground reality of India is the fact that we still have female infanticide in the country.

There are young girls in rural areas forced into child marriage or worst sold off for money.

There is honor killing as well as women being burnt alive in dowry cases.

In a basic level situation like that the question is simple:


While social media debates and misandry are taking over the essence of feminism, there are girls in the rural India that probably needs to know that something like Feminism even exists.

The woman who needs to be aware of a movement like this is probably jailed in her own house, uneducated and unaware of any social media discussion of ‘Free the nipple!’.

I am not trying to dilute feminism by stating what’s important or what isn’t. The idea is to prioritize the issues according to the current needs of the country. The idea is to take the first basic step as a country to ultimately establish equal grounds.

In a country where patriarchy runs in the veins of the people, Feminism is our way out.

For this we need the kind of Feminism that is more centric to the issues that concerns the country. The kind of Feminism that reaches out far and wide to every section of the society. The kind of Feminism that doesn’t support sexism against the sexists.


This is the kind of question that every woman could be guilty of. Have you, as woman, given sexist remarks to another woman or womanhood in general? Have you demeaned a woman in front of a man, thinking that you belong to a different kind? The change emanates from within.

 Tip : Ladies if you want to get rid of a creep claiming to be in love with you? Tell him you’re a Feminist. They hate that shit!

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