I’m not sure how promising BJP Government has been in the last 5 years but if there’s anything that doesn’t fail to impress me, it’s the BJP IT cell!

The amount of creativity and shrewd marketing strategies served with a syrup of lies and garnished with fake news is all that the country needs, besides the promise of ‘Mandir wahi banega!’ By now we are least surprised as you are and yet always amazed.

Being new to the breakfast babble of politics, my first encounter with BJP IT cell was when I saw Dhruv Rathee’s interview with an ex- BJP IT cell member. Ever since then, BJP IT cell has become my guilty pleasure and how!

The interview revealed the great algorithm of BJP IT cell for creating fake news, and how it hired unemployed people throughout the nation for BJP’s promotion. Despite this, we the thankless Indians ask, ‘Naukari kaha hai’?

All this, I agree, is old news but very recently, The Quint published an article revealing another racket of fake news being sold online by a page called ‘Namo’ on Facebook.

This Facebook page is co-owned by a certain ‘Vikram Sharma’ who claims that he was “a content writer for the PMO India page two months ago”.

What was the fake news?

Post the Pulwama attack, China has refused to designate Pakistan based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) Chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist in United Nation Security Council.

However, according to the reports by The Quint, “A post put by Facebook page ‘NAMO’ claims that China, at United Nations, argued that they are not in a position to recognize Masood Azhar as a terrorist, as the Opposition in India does not do so.”

The following post is no longer available on the page as put up in a screenshot by The Quint.

Although, China had slightly different reasons that never mentioned the influence of Indian Opposition on their decision.

The news channel claimed that the post has been shared on more than 9000 occassions.

How is the BJP IT Cell involved here?

In an interview with The Quint, Vikram Sharma, the co-admin cum editor of the page claimed “I was made a content writer for the PMO India page two months ago, after the party took notice of the reach of my posts. Now, the IT cell provides me content which I disseminate through Facebook and WhatsApp.”

Sharma also claims to be a ‘Creative Writer’ for the Facebook page PMO India: Report Card and ‘Co-admin cum editor’ for BJP4UP.

More examples of fake news

Not a long time ago there were some vicious rumors against the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. According to some WhatsApp Universities, the reason for his death was not heart attack, it is- (wait- for- it) AIDS!

So apparently, the then Prime Minister of India, all that time was carrying out all his duties while battling AIDS which by the way weakens the immunity and gradually makes a person completely bed ridden.  

On another video by The Lallantop, some workers and supporters in BJP rally even went on to the extent of claiming that Motilal Nehru was actually some guy previously called ‘Moenuddin’ and the husband of former PM Indira Gandhi was Firoz Khan instead of Firoz Gandhi.

The attempts of creating the image of Jawaharlal Nehru as a Muslim, a pervert, a womanizer, and a weak leader who was well also “thrashed by mob” is a part of usual fake news making headlines.

Let us for a second even assume that he died of STD- AIDS or Syphilis, then how does it make him a bad leader? How does his personal life affect the political scenarios of 2019? 

This weird intelligentsia doesn’t even realize that AIDS can even be transmitted through contaminated blood transfusion. When you belittle the former PM with the fake claims of him having AIDS, you belittle every other person battling with this grave disease.

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BJP IT cell weird algorithm

Very recently, #MainBhiChowkidar was trending on Twitter and therefore the official Twitter account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been sharing PM’s message by tagging all those people who used #MainBhiChowkidar in their tweets.

This doesn’t seem to end here, as what followed was even more hilarious. The following people, in the discourse of the algorithm were tagged by the PM:

I saved the best one for the last :

However this was just a parody account of Nirav Modi and the tweet was deleted soon but this is a generation of screenshots!

On this funny note, I would end my long trail of admiration for BJP IT cell. But, before I leave, I want you to question the credibility of your knowledge, the sources that would lead you to take the big decision in 2019. How true are your truths? How believable are your beliefs?

Sources: The Quint, The Lallantop, Alt News

Image Source: Twitter, Google Images

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  1. I don’t know much about IT cell but you actually believe a guy who is in foreign land and have absolutely zero idea about ground news. Person who entirely depends on google news. Well if you really want to know the reality of him then please do watch This video https://youtu.be/juIU-aS9MNI. And please do post actual screenshots of #maibhichowkidaar instead of posting funny memes. And please do show us the real screenshot from our PM’s tweet. Eagerly waiting

  2. Well first of all its (Feroze Jehangir Ghandy)* . He was neither a muslim not a hindu, he was a Parsi. Earlier it was very easy to change names which suited their personal agendas. The whole family tree should not called the descendants of Mahatma Gandhi. Now coming to your epic rumors, tell me one thing were they actual rumors or they were a pigment of your imagination that supported this crap of yours. You have posted so many funny images then please provide your crap i mean fact with proofs.

  3. Hahahahah its actually very funny that people believe those hypocrites those live in foreign land with no ground news and are entirely dependent of google news. If you actually want to know the reality(which you don”t want to) of this person then please do watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juIU-aS9MNI.
    sorry to break it to you lost girl but what you posted about nirav is actually a meme and not a real image. i wish you had done more research on the term “EDITING” rather than on memes. And please if you think its true then please do visit our PM’s twitter account and take a screenshot of it and do show me.I didn’t know ED have such blind imbecile so called bloggers.Firstly that auto make out incident and now this. My word of advice you should start a meme page instead of blogging.
    Eagerly waiting for those SS. oh but wait now someone will say that shrewd IT Cell would have deleted it by now.

    • First of all, if you would have taken some precious time to read the article carefully, you would have seen the para where I mentioned “However this was just a parody account and the post was deleted after few hours…” . So if I had the superpower of going back in time, would have surely given you the SS.
      Secondly, Dhruv Rathee is neither a brother, boyfriend or friend, and therefore what he does or doesn’t is none of my concern. Lastly, I would surely consider your advice of opening up a meme page. I appreciate your vested interest in reading my article and commenting on it with different names.However may I point out that you forgot to use a different e-mail ID ma’am/sir.

  4. I am glad that you told me that i didn’t use another email. and you call this article i find this amusement. well you only see the smartness of IT cell then god help you kid.

  5. and writing so called articles on parody, oh god how can anyone have so much time in their life. University of Lucknow does not have syllabus for Literature or what ??

    • Ma’am, it does teach me English which I am doubtful you don’t understand since you still clearly cannot make out that the screenshot was not a parody, Nirav Modi’s account was. It was retweeted by PM’s official handle. And hence the humour. I’m glad you find it amusing. Anything else ma’am?

  6. you seriously don”t understand what i just said.If narendra modi actually retweeted this, then please show me the real content from his account.

  7. Being An Assistant Prof of DU (North Campus) i can explain the harsh reality,
    Well Nehru was a muslim might be a fake news but there is absolutely no doubt that we was a womanizer, just just weak but was an epitome of “Pathetic Leader”. I did my thesis on Nehru. And let me tell you the reality child.
    1. Chased away Congress talent: When the US won their war of Independence, some people suggested that George Washington declare himself king. They were soundly rebuked and Washington chose to become President. He also chose to step down after two terms. That became the norm and when Franklin Roosevelt won four terms the two-term precedent was converted into a law. Historian Richard Morris identified seven founding fathers of America. Did you know that apart from Washington, four others also made President? They are John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin. Contrast that with Jawaharlal Nehru who ruled like a king till death. He ruled from 1947-64 and India totally stagnated towards the end. There were 10 ministers in the Nehru-Patel Cabinet. Did you know six of those rebelled against Nehru and quit? Even our only Indian Governor General C Rajagopalachari rebelled against Nehru and formed the Swatantra Party. While the founding fathers of America ruled their country in turns, Nehru was a dictator who chased away party talent. This leadership style continues till this very day in the Congress and most regional parties.

    2. Sino-Indian war – Grossly underestimating the Chinese and miscalculating American support, Nehru indulged in the opportunistic Forward policy triggering Chinese suspicion destroying trust after the Panchsheel agreement. India suffered the consequences of bad Indo-Chinese relationship for decades as a result of this humiliating war and ensuing hostility. Indians are taught about the Chinese Aggression even today, a result of Nehru’s complete control over school history and media. If Chinese were so aggressive why didn’t India lose huge territories after losing the war. The west couldn’t stop China from taking Tibet, nobody could have stopped Chinese from taking Tawang if they wanted to? The Indian army was gutted, we were non-aligned with no powerful friends. We have Arunachal Pradesh thanks to Chinese desire for peace in 1962. Yet, Indians hate the Chinese for the ‘aggression’ because they don’t know factual history!

    3. 3. Economic foundations crashed in 1991: Great leaders are known by their long-term vision. With whatever economic vision Nehru founded Independent India, it all came crashing down in 1991. The British reduced India from 22% of world GDP to 4%. Nehru put in place a system that reduced it even further to 2% while India’s population tripled. Thanks to Nehru, by 1991 Indian trade was 0.2% of global trade. In hindsight even though Liberalization appears our best idea after 1947, it didn’t seem so at that time. Not many remember the economic crisis before it. The government was on the verge of default, our Forex reserves were non-existent and the RBI was getting no new credit. Imagine India airlifting 67 tons of gold to the Bank of England and the Union Bank of Switzerland to raise an amount of $600 million! A leader commented that the then Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar was selling the country. Chandra Shekhar quipped back: Who will buy this country with the state that it’s in! We should consider ourselves very lucky that the Liberalization gamble paid off big time and full marks to then then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao.

    4. Foreign policy was a disaster: We have two enemies: Pakistan and China. Nehru bungled on both. Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw has gone on record as saying that Nehru was totally indecisive on Kashmir and it was Patel’s pushing that saw India take decisive action and secure the Valley from the advances of Pakistan. In the case of China also while our enemy was making grand plans to acquire Aksai Chin, Nehru wore blinkers and pretended nothing would happen. Even when China attacked, Nehru looked the other way. At that time the Indian Air Force was superior to the China’s Air Force, but Nehru was too scared to use it. The Non-Aligned Movement was also a joke more so because we were closely aligned with the USSR which was not a democracy but a Communist dictatorship. Again Nehru backed the wrong horse and it went kaput in 1991 and Indian defense forces had problems with spares when the USSR collapsed. Nehru was very anxious for friendship with China. To appease the Chinese, he was taking many such measures. Nehru had turned down the offer of the United States in 1953 which offered India to be a permanent member of the Security Council of UN instead of that Nehru advised to include China in the Security Council. If Nehru had accepted the offer, India would have emerged as extremely strong Nation strategically at the international level several decades ago

    5. Led to the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty: Some people try to defend Nehru by saying that he died in 1964 and Indira took over in 1966 and he had nothing to do with the dynasty taking root. This is incorrect. Nehru made Indira Congress president in the 1959 Delhi session and always indicated that she was his choice as a successor. In fact in 1964 many Congress leaders expected Shastri to suggest Indira’s name for the PM’s post, but he didn’t do so. 6. First Amendment: Nehru introduced the First Amendment which sincerely curbed free speech. He set the standards for suppressing dissent and most of the Dynasty tried to follow him. Indira imposed Emergency, Rajiv tried to introduce the Anti-defamation Bill and Section 66A was introduced under Sonia’s Congress presidency. 7. Kashmir: The Kashmir problem could have been solved in the 1947-48 period, but Nehru was totally indecisive on it. Kashmir was never treated like other Indian States and BR Ambedkar strongly opposed Article 370. Jammu & Kashmir continues to be a troubled State and the origins of that lie in 1947.

    6. He hid details of Netaji’s whereabouts and spied on his family. He was a two faced liar who acted the role of a caring uncle to Netaji’s relatives while spying on them at the same time. Shockingly, the intelligence of this surveillance was shared with MI6.

    Yes, he was the most traitorous and treacherous Prime minister if not the worst. He was a lacky of the British who agreed to partition that resulted in irreparable damage and is the source of a huge geopolitical problem that persists to this day. Lincoln is known as a great president for preserving the Union. Nehru destroyed the Indian union and sowed the seeds for perpetual strife in the sub-continent.

    INDIA WOULD HAVE BEEN A SUPERPOWER BY NOW IF Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhai Patel OR C Rajagopalachari WOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST PM OF INDIA.

    • Sir I’m sure you know better and I’m glad you shared your knowledge with us. However, the article was not in Jawaharlal Nehru’s defence or to prove how good a leader he was. It was about the fake news being spread by BJP IT cell about his personal life. The sources of my article is mentioned with the link. Thank you for reading.

  8. “”The attempts of creating the image of Jawaharlal Nehru as a Muslim, a pervert, a womanizer, and a weak leader who was well also “thrashed by mob” is a part of usual fake news making headlines.””
    There are no attempts of creating the image of him as all of the above except the first, he was undoubtedly a womanizer and a weak leader. There’s no fake news in this. But i understand that youth these days are mostly opaque to knowledgeable and experience person’s content. So no issues. A very dumb, stupid article overall kid.


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