The Impractical Jokers Have Challenged Indian Comedians To A Face-Off In Comedy ‘Konkout’

You are definitely living under a rock if you say you don’t know what Impractical Jokers is. The show has been an integral part of Comedy Central for quite a while now and its sheer humour often leaves me in splits.


In fact, Joe, Murr, Q and Sal(The Impractical jokers) can be called the Tiger Woods of improvisational comedy, minus the infidelity of course. But despite their global popularity, they acknowledge how hard it is to ‘make it in comedy’.

So they have decided to collaborate with Culture machine, a digital media company, and challenge Indian comics to showcase their own brand of humour in the ‘Sprite Comedy Konkout’.



The Impractical Jokers have personally challenged:

The Viral fever


Known for its ‘Qtiyapa’ videos, TVF is among the leading Youtube channels in terms of quirky content. They’ve even managed to launch their own app, if that doesn’t scream success then I don’t know what does.

Being Indian


Being Indian is more popular for its videos of multiple surveys across India. For example, they’ll ask a few people in Mumbai about their views on Tinder and make a video of the best answers. They also make quirky and stereotypical videos like ‘Every rich girl in the world’.



Hoezaay a.k.a Jose Covaco does vines and podcasts. His collaborative podcasts with Suresh Menon known as ‘kaanmasti’ are quite the hit with the audience.

These channels have to try and come up with a video funnier than the one posted by the jokers themselves with the hashtag fakeoff. Not only that, they’ve also been tasked with nominating other funny Youtube channels.

The jokers are quite enthusiastic about testing the waters of Indian Comedy. In a joint statement to IANS (Indo-Asian News Service), the jokers said: “We’re loving Konkout because it’s going to spark creativity, and that’s always a good thing. Plus we are getting exposed to an abundance of talent from India, which is something we would have missed out on if not for Comedy Konkout.”

“It’s great to see how similar and how different humour is around the world,” they added.

With so many digital comedians and internet sensations vying to beat each other, this is bound to be a laugh riot. Just another reason to love the Impractical Jokers!

The round one of #fakeoff has already begun, catch it before you’re too late to the party.

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And here’s how it all started:


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