There were a few things that gave us as much happiness as going to the stationery shop when we were kids.

90’s kids will especially remember their trips to the stationery shop with fondness when the vast and unlimited options that were on spread for our eyes to feast on and our mothers to groan over.

I recently went to a stationery shop and was a little sad to see that the same kind of choices and variety that used to gravitate us towards them were missing.

Everything ranging from Fabre Castle’s crayons and coloured pencils, to coloured paper, to buying the first gel pen for school and more each had a certain memory attached to it.

So this time, we take a trip with that nostalgic time when it was literally the golden days of a stationery shop.

#1. Shaka Laka Boom Boom Pencil

Perhaps the biggest thing from the stationery that we ever wanted or got was the ‘Shaka Laka Boom Boom’ pencils.

The show that was about this strange magical pencil wherein whatever you drew with it, that thing would come to life.

It certainly gave us kids a lot of hope that perhaps us owning such a pencil would also bring that magic into our life and all our problems will be solved with a snap of our fingers.

I still remember me and a bunch of other children on the shop pleading and begging our mother’s to please buy us that pencil just because.

Even if afterward those pencils were absolutely useless since they were too hard to hold up considering their size and even the pencil itself was just crap as the graphite was barely legible.

#2. Geometry Boxes:

Another thing that we kids would often take a trip to the stationery shop were geometry boxes.

Maths was a compulsory subject at least until we could be rid of it by class 11th, but till then the only fun bit about maths was us being able to show-off our shiny geometry boxes.

Some would come equipped with a pencil and eraser, others would have just the usual things, others would be in different shapes and sizes.

It was truly a moment of pride, when you’d bring out your brand new geometry box to the awe and wonderment of your classmates and open it up with everything still in its plastic casing.

Of course, you would refuse to share it with anyone because as soon as you do, you can say goodbye to ever seeing at least one of the things in it, usually the compass, pencil or ruler.

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#3. Buying Your First Gel Pen

Usually schools in Delhi, have a certain level of class after which students will stop writing with pencil and start using pens for all things.

It was truly a special moment and you felt you were finally an adult since you can ditch your boring and frankly painful pencils for the smoothness of the pens.

Buying your first gel pen is something that would be ingrained in your memory and nothing can really top that. There is a sense of accomplishment and anticipation of how it will feel like finally writing with that long-awaited pen instead of a pencil.

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    i am a big fan of shaka laka boom boom serial. but nowi want to buy original pencil not magic pencil but good pencil so please guide me from where i can find good pencil


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