Indo US ties: Amicable or Beginning of a strained relation?

OKLAHOMA. CAMERON UNIVERSITY. 2011. CHUCK HAGEL. This collection of words, names, numbers whatever you may like to call it struck a chord with me, something unprecedented, unexpected rather alarming happened in this State, in this particular university in the year mentioned and by the gentleman mentioned above.

Secretary of Defense of the United States of America, Mr Chuck Hagel in his address said, India has been funding illicit, terrorist activities in Afghanistan, creating problems for Pakistan on that front, this statement led to a flurry of reactions from the Indian Secretariat and Government, reactions which were rather out of surprise considering the amicable relations between the two countries.

As a matter of fact, such a statement is contrary to the dedication and support which Chuck Hagel, who has been a long standing friend of Indo-US relation, displays. India has always been a supporter of welfare of the Afghan People.

It is also surprising that today itself, Pentagon issued a statement saying that Chuck Hagel remains committed to strategic relations between India and US, the statement also mentioned that Hagel wants to build up on the work of his predecessor Mr. Penetta. 
The questions that pop in my head is, why was such a statement made in the first place? Why has he retracted from what he said earlier?? Is this a new turn in the Indo-US relations? Is it for the worse?  These are certain questions which need answers, which need to be clarified otherwise all efforts between the countries might just be rendered futile.

What do you say? 



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