The IRANIAN issue

The debate over the legitimacy of Iran’s nuclear program,its effects,the stance of the Iranian government has created ripples in the international community, the question of whether it is just a civilian nuclean program implying it is for peaceful purposes or whether it is a military program is still shrouded in secrecy.
I would in this article give my take on what the Iranian programme,according to me is-the November 2012 International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) report has shed light on certain questionable issues,the report clearly mentions that at the Parchin site,access had been constantly denied to IAEA officials on being monitores via satellite there were rather astonishing revelations,near and around the site of the containment vessel buildings had been razed and new electricity and water pipelines were installed pointing at possible military dimensions of the site and the notorious intentions of the government. 
It does not come as a surprise that Iran has shown rather irresponsible behavior by not obliging to 7 United Nations Security Council sanctions imposed on it in addition to those imposed by the EU and USA pertaining to oil import from Iran.It is infact startling that inspite of these sanctions crippling the Iranian Economy,the government still continues to violate the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) under which it is mandated to allow IAEA officials for regular inspections. 
Another interesting aspect of the issue is the reaction of the international commnity in particular Israel and the United States of America,Israel on several equations has made it clear unequivocally that if Iran does not declare its true nature of nuclear programs,it will not hesitate to launch an armed conflict,doubts were raised when Israel attacked Sudan,a major ally of Iran.I,personally laud the course taken by the President of USA Mr Barack Obama,urging Israel to keep its cool..he has given a deadline in 2013 and until then has decided to take recourse through diplomatic pressure and customary law.  
How Iran responds to it and what outcome we have is a topic which needs to be watched,examined and analysed carefully,with growing tensions in the Middle East,a proposition for the establishment for a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone was passed by the United Nations General Assembly,the question that still remains is the one of implementation with posession of nuclear weapons now being declared as Credible Minimum Deterrence the future course of this particular region would in my opinion decide the course of the world in essence. 
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