The Dance Bible: We Liv’ED it

So you think you can dance? And you think you do it religiously? But what’s religion without the Dance Bible?



The Dance Bible is a first-of-its-kind online portal that connects YOU with DANCE. And if you were to see this site, you would know that means more than you could choreograph in your head! The home page is where the dance lives. A very simple cover to the most vivid book, the Dance Bible has all you need to know and more about the world of Dance… This URL holds all that there is related to dance: from dance memes to social sharing platforms, from an encyclopedia containing all the dances in the world to every possible part of your body that can be hurt, cured or toned by dance.

dance bible

My favorite part is the Dance Schools. Honestly, if I had known there were that many opportunities, I would be a happier and more successful person right now, not to mention fitter. Though I imagine your favorite would be the Dance Videos: a section exclusively dedicated to mind boggling visuals which look as easy and pretty as they are exhausting. Literally, I lost my breath just watching them! The segment about the Dance Styles is cool too: it has discursive information about unheard of dance forms, which seem like they are maintained by nerdy dancers (see: very sexy yet smart people). I mean, ever heard of the BUTOH? It’s a dance of pain. Is that hot, or what? And then there is that column which defines the “you” part of their motto: the Dance Portfolio. In case you get tired of watching bad actors dance to meaningless beats, you may switch to some REAL talent lingering in the houses of non-star parents. You could showcase your own talent too!  After all, there is a reason the Streets have pride.


If you are an avid reader, like to browse through stories, and read about folk and flair, you can click on the minimal icons above Dance Freelancers, Dance Diaries, Dance Blog, Dance Quotes or Biographies.  Or if you are more into the social and celeb life, just go to the Dance Interviews, and follow the footsteps *1,2,3… 1,2,3…* They also have a news space called Dance Events; it tells you about all the upcoming and ongoing dance events in and around your city. Just ask nicely. Finally, there is a Dance Forum: the Facebook of Dancers. Talk, Ask, Answer. Find, Love, Hate, Participate.

Dance till your feet hurt. Dance like no one’s watching.


P.S: The memes are hilarious!


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