Let’s See How An Above-Average Law Student Spends His Or Her Day

Law School is a place which has been quite a mystery to those who have never had the pleasure of studying in one. However, the clout of Law Schools has been on the rise thanks to numerous Pop Culture references, ranging from Suits to Boston Legal.

After all, what are these Law Schools, and what is the schedule of an average Law Student.

Well, an average Law Student probably doesn’t do enough to fill up a whole article.

Let’s take it one step further and see how an above-average Law Student spends his or her day.


0600hrs – Wake up thinking about that dream you just had about failing in Law of Torts.

0601hrs – Realize that you actually failed in Law of Torts last semester.

0630hrs – Get out of bed and make coffee. If a Law Student could develop sexual feelings for an object, that object would be coffee.

0700hrs – Suit Up. Or not. It really doesn’t matter, unless you have a formal competition where the only thing worse than not knowing what to do is being shabbily dressed.

0730hrs – Meet your other law school friends and leave for college, (Yes, we refer to Law School as college). Also, lawyers do understand the concept of friendship, contrary to popular opinion.

0900hrs – Reach the Campus. You are greeted by a bevy of tired and distraught faces. You look forward to the day ahead of you as much as Obama is looking forward to the next elections.

0930hrs – Classes Commence.

0930hrs to 1500hrs – *Static*

1500hrs – Classes End.

1500hrs – The less ambitious ones leave for home, while the naively foolish ones stay behind to work on some extra-curricular stuff. You start working on that research paper, trying to find that perfect blend between plagiarism and originality, while replacing the word ‘effective’ with ‘efficacious’ at the same time.

Some of us start on that moot which is coming up, all the while asking ourselves whether a half empty packet of Parle-G constitutes a nutritious lunch. Scientists have confirmed it doesn’t.

1600hrs – More people leave. Some remain and continue working. The ones who stay will either be really successful out of law school, or will flip burgers at McDonald’s. It really doesn’t matter. A law degree is worth as much as a “World’s best Friend” greeting card.

1900hrs – Inevitably, everyone is back to their rooms by now. Time to complete that assignment you had to submit a month ago. You check if the word limit is inclusive of footnotes, and sigh wearily when you realise it isn’t.

1927hrs – You summon a spawn of Satan and sell your soul in exchange for some more energy to get through the day. Engineering Students ya feel me?

1930hrs – You put on Suits, and realise that you look nothing like Harvey Specter, and the only eidetic memory you have is of you forgetting to wear formals on the day of the Class Photograph.

2030hrs – You eat dinner while catching up on the day’s news. Not exactly a good way to spend a Friday night. Hey, at least it’s the weekend.

2033hrs – You realise it’s Monday.5d3efd7156e1930f1bbce3a3efd89c9b

2100hrs – You fall asleep from exhaustion, and your dreams involve Skeletons chasing you while wearing the infamous Judge’s wig.

0130hrs – You wake up, and realise that you’ve wasted too much time, and get to work again. Sleep is for the weak, you mutter to yourself, and promptly fall asleep again.

0600hrs – Wake up thinking about that dream you had about failing Law of Torts.

And so on…

P.S. It has been 10 years since my first day in Law School. All I have to say is, enjoy college life, it’s the best you’re going to get.


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