Google Maps Take Me To The Wrong Place So Often Now, I Might As Well Ask That ‘Bhaiya’ For The Way


Remember the time when you were travelling to someplace new and you had given in to the powers of Google Maps, but this being who claims to know everything led you somewhere else, instead of the place you wanted to?

Haw Google! You clever little being who just knows how to show-off!

Can you guess the knight in shining armour who came to your rescue and led you out of the predicament?

Yes, the little shack where wisdom is sermonized all day long, the roadside vendor and some creep “bhaiya”.

After all, technology did lead you astray.


Been on Flipkart, Myntra and Amazon? How many of us can say with all their heart that they love shopping online?

Probably, not more than 45%.

How many times have we ordered something that turns out to be defective or even worse, doesn’t fit you well?

There are problems bigger than that too when you order a purple phone case which on opening, displays its scarlet brilliance.

At the end of the day, no matter how much we shop online, what is better than being in a trial room with your friend, clicking endless selfies and just casually, celebrating your bond?

Ah, the smell of new clothes around.

Take that technology!


Another example that pops in my mind of technology cheating on you, leaving you with big tears streaming down your cheeks is when your mobile network fails you.

Already teary eyed?

*grins* Sit on a chair and think. What would happen if those bars on your phone were diminishing? There is something that wouldn’t betray you. And you know, what is that? Your ancient telephone, lying in a heap of dust on that mantelpiece.

So much for the T-E-C-H-N-O-L-O-G-Y!

Is there a solution to this problem that is looming over us? Is there anything out there right now which can be good enough to substitute the comfort of technology? No.

Little do we realize that every day we come across circumstances where in technology dominates us but, at the end, we do feel the need of an alternative. An alternative which is more than the light flashing into our eyes, the human touch and feel. I could go on blabbering about the innumerable examples where technology fails us and how it just makes us so anti-social that we have to fake being social. That is exactly what technology is doing to us and we don’t realize it but we are so brutally shackled by our needs and time constraints that we come running to it. But what is does is just enslave us even more.


Do we really need technology? Maybe or maybe not, but definitely not to the extent with which we associate ourselves with it, currently. It’s finally time to turn about and take a few back before we completely fall in its trap and fail to return back alive.


Yes. Yes. Shut your laptop right away before it ensnares you.


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