IS Doesn’t Need An Army. All They Need Is A Taher Shah Live Concert In The Country They Want To Invade

It’s here! Finally!

The moment we were dreading but still waiting for has secretly arrived!

Taher shah has released another one of his masterpieces after a 3 year sabbatical  – The “Angel Song”.


For those of you who do not know what all the hype is about, all you need to do is watch his previous single “Eye To Eye”. Meanwhile, I will try to review this song.

I hope you will not criticize me for any mistakes, my senses haven’t been the same since I watched the video.

Bad From The Start:

Imagine the greenest grass and the clearest water you will ever see. Now imagine Taher Shah in it. It ruins the entire frame! He is shown strolling in a picturesque location wearing a gown (one which someone’s mother would wear) and accessorized with fairy wings, a crown and a magic wand! Reminded me of a Pakistani Son Pari sans the cuteness.

The Music:

If his costume made you giggle, his voice will make you crack. I wanted to mute his voice but was tempted to listen to the lyrics at the same time (which were as grammatically incorrect as always). Remove Taher Shah from the song, though, and the music actually sounds quite melodious. Just like removing Smriti Irani from the HRD Ministry would actually make it function a lot better.

Anyway, the song continues. And 2 minutes in, I couldn’t find anything to differentiate it from “Eye To Eye”. Maybe I was expecting something more. Or worse.

Because One Taher Shah Is Not Enough:

By this time, I couldn’t hold my interest anymore. I had enough of Taher Shah. Maybe he felt it too. So he introduces another angel, strolling in the garden, dressed in a gown… (you get the picture). And I start thinking, “Someone was mad enough to star in this. There goes my faith in humanity…”

maxresdefault (1)

It takes a long time to realize that the new angel is actually a woman. You know that something is wrong with the actors when Taher Shah looks more girly than her female counterpart (Oops, I meant ‘his’ female counterpart).

Areas Of Improvement (Or so I thought):

One improvement though – no close ups of his face. I will thank god for days for this. “Eye To Eye” had scarred me especially because of those haunting eyes which seemed as if they would penetrate my soul.

If the song is an embarrassment, wait till you listen to the monolog in between. Using an accent so fake that it would put Mallika Sherawat to shame, Mr. Shah gives us a few deep insights into the world. With that came the closeup. And this is where I completely lost it. Even lasagna does not have as many layers of cheese as Taher Shah had layers of makeup!


But the closeup wasn’t close enough. If the makeup wasn’t enough to scar me for months to come up, I think the chest hair peeking from his gown would definitely make me have sleepless nights.

But then, the song takes a turn for the better.

This is where we are introduced to Little Taher Shah – who is as cute and round as he could get. Suddenly the song converts from being a pathetic love song to a father professing his love to his child. I might have said “Aaaawwww” if I wasn’t feeling like gouging out my eyes at the same time.


The child is the only saving grace of the song. For me at least. He took my focus off the lyrics and the gowns and the makeup and everything else.

My Thoughts:

The Angel Song is like The Forbidden Fruit. You know that you shouldn’t see it, but still you do. And after a 4-minute torture filled experience, you are left to regret your decision.

Pakistan doesn’t need an army anymore. All they need is a Taher Shah Live Concert in the country they want to invade.

The Angel Song has nothing heavenly about it. So if you hear it playing somewhere, just stick your finger in your ears and run away as fast as you can.

My review: 1.5/5 (Just because of the child)

Do not waste 4 minutes watching the video. Watching The Jungle Book would be more entertaining, I tell you. Still confused? Read this – The Jungle Book – U/A Certificate, Bajirao Mastani – U certificate. Confused? let ED Review Tell You


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