Syrian Kids Use Pokemon Go Posters To Catch World Attention

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Asians, being Asians have started downloading the game illegally. But this game has also been instrumental in showing the plight of Syrian kids.

Past two days, Syrian kids have been holding images of Pokemon in their hands urging people to find them and rescue them too.

syrian mkids using pokemon
Game- is that the priority?
The campaign started by Syrian activists has successfully drawn the attention of the world to these children. It is insane that the world went crazy over a game but not even 10 billion dollars could be amassed and sent for aid to Syria in the last year.

Numerous NGO’s and other benefit organizations are working in Syria and Iraq but kids continue to suffer and the world is catching Pokemon. Definitely, how we supposed the world will be!
The Plight of Syrian Kids

Over 10,000 Syrian kids have crossed borders and entered new countries without adult supervision and these are just recorded statistics, there will be so many more. Having seen gory violence at such a tender age these kids are psychologically scarred- stuttering, bed wetting and anxiety disorders are very common among them.

A UNICEF worker in Iraq said that girls are married off at 13 or even at a younger age to protect them from being raped or sold off for prostitution. Little boys of 10 can be seen working on the road or in some cases, bearing arms.

These kids have witnessed the five-year-long war that has left the country in shambles. “ I am in Kafr Nabi. Save Me.” – that is written under the image of a Pikachu as a five-year-old boy holds the image in his hand. “If you are looking for Pokemon, they are in Syria.” writes another child on her poster.

Syrian kids
On September two, last year a three-year old refugee boy Aylan Kurdi was found dead on the coast of Turkey. There was uproar on the social media and a flurry of action by help groups and UN that allowed Syrian kids to be re-established in makeshift shelters but what now? There are no resources and it is difficult to resettle these kids, majority all alone with no adults.

It is time that we chip in to save these kids who are the victims of a war they did not start. The game has caught the world’s attention let’s use it to help those who need it and not waste time catching virtual creatures on road.

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