The Syrian civil war has been going on for so long that bomb explosions, gunshots, and war-like crisis situations are a normalized thing in the country.

Visuals from the war-trodden nation including bloodshed, civilian killings, poverty, suffering, etc, are circulated all over the web from time to time.

However, this time we have a very different kind of video from Syria has been going viral for its pure innocence and demonstrated love between a father and a daughter.

Amidst all the chaos, a 32-year-old father teaches his 4 year-old-old daughter to burst into a bout of laughter every time a bomb drops.

The Heart Wrenching Cause

A heartbreaking video recently went viral on Twitter where we see a Syrian father teaching his little daughter a game that makes her laugh every time they hear a bomb dropping near-by.

Abdullah Al-Mohammad, the father of 4-year-old Salwa resides in Sarmada, a province of Idlib. Reportedly, Abdullah was forced to flee from Saraqib, an area near the active war site of the Syrian civil war. He along with his family is currently living with a friend in Sarmada, but can still hear the miseries of the war.

In the video, it is heart-wrenching to see how a father is trying to cheer up his daughter on hearing the rumbling sound of airstrikes, so as to save her from the psychological trauma of the war.

He is making her believe that bombshell droppings are harmless and a fun thing to laugh at so that she never gets scared on hearing such loud explosions.

A Glimpse Into The Video

We can see that Abdullah is teaching his daughter a ‘laugh at the bomb shell drop’ game and is also giggling along with her to make it feel real.

The innocent Salwa is seen perched on her father’s arm and continuous bomb explosions can be heard nearby.

As the sound gets louder, he asks Salwa, “Is it a jet or a bomb?”

Salwa replies, “It’s a bomb!”

As they were setting up the rules of the game, i.e to laugh at every bomb explosion, a live bomb is being dropped down and the father-daughter duo bursts into laughter on hearing the noise of the same.

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He then asks her  if it makes her laugh or not, to which, a naïve Salwa replies, “Yes, it’s funny.”

The video shows the pure innocence of a 4-year-old kid unaware of the cruel world around her, and a concerned father doing everything it takes for the healthy survival of his daughter in a war trodden nation.

When Did We Humans Stop Being Human?

The above video is enough to melt anybody’s heart and make them reconsider the concept of war, violence, destruction, etc.  Some people rejoice and glorify war, but the ones who face it understand the ugly truth that it only brings suffering and nothing else.

However, this man in the video gives us hope through his effort to make the best out of the worst. War does not only bring physical destruction and violence but also psychological trauma and depression. 

Abdullah, who himself might be in a terrible mental state, is making sure his daughter never gets to experience any kind of fear due to the war and adapts to the pathetic living conditions in a healthy way. 

“She is a child who does not understand war. I decided to teach Salwa this game to prevent her psychological state from collapsing. So as to not be affected by diseases relating to fear,” said Abdullah in an interview with Sky News. He further adds to his statement that he wants Salwa to see these bombshells as a source of happiness so that she doesn’t get to experience emotional turmoil at such a tender age.

Its been 9 years since the war started and thousands of Syrians have fled to nearby nations to save themselves from the horrors of the war. According to the United States, around 4,000 people left the nation just last week following the heinous acts of the Russian government.

The government has been indifferent towards the atrocities of the war on the citizens and is instead seen congratulating the forces for their valiant control over the entire Aleppo province of northern Syria.

While the Syrian President pledges to take a ‘complete victory’ in the war sooner or later; a civilian father expresses his concern that as his daughter grows older, his game won’t be enough to protect her mental state from the ugly reality.

Lets just hope that the conditions gets better in Middle East so that we don’t have to distract our children into believing bomb explosions as fireworks and can get them a healthy environment.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Daily Mail, Sky News +more

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