If you’re an outstation student and are tired of eating the same stale food at your PG or hostel every day, here is some good news for you.

Swiggy India is launching a new app named ‘Swiggy Daily’ to provide healthy and hygienic homemade food at your doorstep.

Although yet to be released in other states, the app is presently catering to about 1000 customers in Gurugram (Link).

How does Swiggy Daily work?                   

The new app comes with a subscription-only plan for a period of one day or week or for months. It lets you select your own chef from a variety of options.

Ordering food daily is a tedious and time-taking task and even more so for busy professionals and students who want to manage their diets. Therefore, the subscription plan saves you from the hustle of carrying out this task on a regular basis.

Swiggy assures of quality food by employing trusted homemakers in and around your region.

Variety Of Cuisines

The app provides cuisines ranging from South Indian, North Indian, Bengali and Hyderabadi to Mughlai, Punjabi and Rajasthani.

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Step-Wise Procedure To Join The App

  1. Sign up with Swiggy Daily with all your details.
  2. Select a subscription plan of your choice from your favorite chef or homemaker.
  3. The payment has to be made by the user for subscription.
  4. Finally, homemade meals will be delivered to the user as per the subscription plan.

Swap And Skip Your Meals

You also have the option to skip your meals or swap your meals with different cuisines. You can also cancel your subscription plan whenever required.

Swiggy Daily caters to dual needs:

(a) it allows a steady form of income to homemakers who don’t have the funds to open their own restaurants and

(b) provides a healthier and more hygienic food option to people who’re living away from their hometowns.

So hostelers and people alike, get ready to order food that tastes just like your mom’s. 

Sources: Entrackr + more

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