FICCI Starts A Dedicated Mentorship Initiative For Existing and To-Be Women Entrepreneurs: Swayam by FLO

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A lot of women out there are highly educated and raring to start their own venture. But are overwhelmed by the entire process of it, and don’t know where to start and how.

Nor do they have access to the resources required to convert an idea into a business.

Sometimes, it’s just about the right support and availability of resources, which can help them fly off.

That is where Swayam by FICCI Ladies Organisation comes in.

FLO (FICCI Ladies Organisation) is a division of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and industry (FICCI) which is the apex body of industry and commerce in India. As an All India Organization for Women, FLO has chapters all over India with its head office in Delhi. Their members comprise of industrialists, entrepreneurs, professionals and Corporate Executives.

The primary objective of FLO is to promote entrepreneurship and professional excellence in women.

ficci flo swayam women entrepreneurs

Initiative Swayam

Swayam is a key initiative from FICCI FLO which would provide complete support to existing women entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be successful entrepreneurs.

Swayam becomes a facilitator for all women seeking support for setting up, managing, scaling up and growing their existing or new businesses and ideas. Swayam will network these women with the best available and appropriate resources that they might not be aware of, or weren’t accessible to them being very small.

It’s endeavour would broadly include the following services:

Mentoring – discuss the idea, judge its viability and help in preparing a business proposal/plan

CA– to help on forming the entity, taxation and other compliance issues

Legal Assistance- Lawyers to guide in getting licences, permissions, drawing contracts and agreements, IPR issues, if any

Finance Specialist- Bankers, investors, venture capitalists to help in raising funds for the venture

Branding & Marketing support- to help the entrepreneur reach out to their clients and expand their market

Network of FICCI and FLO to help them grow in all areas of function

Why should women reach out to Swayam?

FLO today is a credible industrial body whose initiatives have been in and around women empowerment. Their women centric enabling approach will certainly add faith to the those women seeking directions and support. Plus it is backed by India’s top most business association: FICCI, whose network is large and wide, across genres and sectors.

Swayam will help you:

– Convert your idea into a business/start up

– Setup your business/start up

– Take your start up to the next level

– Raise funds for your business

– Market your products or services

– Use their network to your benefit

How does it work?

– Contact Swayam online or via email or call (all details here:

– Share details about your ideas or business

– Team Swayam will help you connect to the right people to get your business going

Why Swayam?

– The Swayam panel consists of specialists who understand the needs of start ups today

– Swayam is backed by FICCI FLO: one of India’s premier business associations

– Their panellists are hand picked to be able to guide and assist you

If you’re serious about starting up, then this could be your chance.

Register on the website and facebook page to get going : AND

ED appreciates this wonderful initiative of Swayam by FICCI Ladies Organisation to help the women entrepreneurship ecosystem.


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