“The me in me is only sitting as me in you. These two only talking to each other, understand, I can only talk to me and give my understanding, I cannot talk to anyone else and give my understanding. So, the ‘Me’ resides in this as me, is residing in all of that as me, so that me through this me, talking to me.”

Did this word vomit give you a headache?

It certainly made my head spin.

These are some of the lessons from Swami Nithyananda, where he is trying to teach people about ‘Advaita’.

Swami Nithyananda

I watched the video 3 times in a vain attempt to understand what he’s trying to say, but alas I remained befuddled. So, as any millennial is ought to do, I went to the Internet (our modern God) for an explanation that made sense.


Looking up the term ‘Advaita Vedanta’ mentioned by the Swami made me comprehend what he was trying to teach his disciples. 

Advaita’ is a Hindu philosophy that pertains to the idea that one’s true self, the ‘Atman’ (spirit, soul), is the same as the highest metaphysical reality (Brahman). The believers of this school of thought seek to gain the true identity (Vidya) of oneself (Atman) and the ultimate reality of the universe.

A simple Google search gave me the gist of his ‘Pravachan’, so, it’s safe to say that he could have explained this concept better by not giving such a confusing speech, and making the word ‘Me’ painful to listen to ever after.

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Xiaomi’s Ad

Xiaomi’s parody video

The Baba perused the word ‘Me’ so much that it was inevitable for the company to not use his rambling speech in their advertising campaign. I mean, if you read his words above, it’s like he provided the netizens with the meme-worthy content as a form of digital ‘Prashad’.

Xiaomi released a parody video titled ‘SwaMi loves his #32SuperSelfie’ where an actor playing the swami dictates-

What is Me, Mi is me, you for yourself is Mi, so, me is talking to me in Mi, understand, so, me watching me on Mi wearing red is Redmi”. 

The video is hilarious and has probably helped in sales.

However, Swami Nityananda who boasts of being ‘Sadashiva’ as he knows about the ‘Me in me’, took offense to this interpretation of his teaching of ‘Deep Truths’. I wonder why ‘Sadashiva Nithyananda’ would be bothered by a video? It makes one question the legitimacy of his claims.

Swami’s Reply

He responded to the video by proclaiming that he won’t be cowed down by these persistent attacks on his beliefs.

In his Satsang he voiced yet another riddling ‘Pravachan’, which goes like this-

You in you seeks the cosmic you, and makes the cosmic you manifest through me for you in you.”

According to him the ‘Me in me’ was a masculine version of ‘Advaita’ and this ‘You’ version is the feminine form of explaining the philosophy.

If his goal is to teach people and make them conscious about their real selves and their true potential, he isn’t doing a good job. But, desperate audience seeking heaven and ‘Moksha’ just eat this up mindlessly.

However, what do I know?!

I am designated to burn in hell for being skeptical about these ‘divine saints’ who sit on golden thrones and charge lavishly for their aid in men’s quest to find the ‘gates of heaven’.


Fraudulent Celebrity Saints

In the video he goes on further to add “the people made fun of the ‘me‘ version, the great gift now to them is the ‘you’ version. Ok, you made fun of the ‘me’ version of Advaita, now what are you going to do with the ‘you’ version of Advaita?”

I think Swamiji is underestimating the power of bored people on the Internet, trolling is everyone’s favorite activity and the internet never shies away from a challenge.

Furthermore, people are not against the philosophy but it’s the gimmicks of celebrity saints that most people find laughable. 

Several people have cheekily commented that maybe the baba is smoking Marijuana or expired Ganja.

Yet, his followers believe that most people are just not intellectual enough to grasp his meaning and they would stop buying Redmi phones in retaliation for this insult on his person.

What do you think about the Swami’s response? Do you think the Swami And SwaMi will butt heads again?

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