Did You Know The Science behind these 5 popular “So-called-superstitions” in India?

Hey Gen X, so you thought you were the only smart ones?

Well your 500 year old ancestors could whoop all your hind with their brains. *sly look*

Here they are!

1. Often heard from your grandparents, “GO TO THE TEMPLE BEFORE YOUR EXAMS”? And you must have gone like I don’t have time for that, need to study. However there is a scientific reason as to why they tell you that..


A temple is NOT a place of worship… (Shocked right?) A temple is a structure which works as an energy source to make our mind calm. How to build a temple is given in the AGAMASHASTRA. It is proved that when one goes to a temple, the energy produced by the structure calms the person down and hence we are advised to go to a temple before our exams to make our mind calm.

2. Another classic example is RINGING THE BELL WHILE ENTERING THE TEMPLE. We have been told that the sound of the bell is used for keeping away the evils from the temple..But that’s pure crap..

The scientific reason behind this is that the sound of the bell clears our mind and helps us stay sharp. It is designed in such a way, that when rung, the sound produced helps activate the 7 healing centres of the body.


Our generation starts looking at a person like he’s gone crazy when we see those huge tilaks on the foreheads.


But the tilak is believed to prevent the loss of energy and is said to retain energy in the human body and help concentrate better. The reason is that between the two eye-brows is a spot that is considered as a major nervepoint in the body and while applying the kumkum, the points on the mid-brow region and “adnyachakra” are automatically pressed.


Ever wondered why we have to help in cleaning the house before Diwali? We are usually told, Laxmi is going to come (as in the Goddess :P) and hence we need to keep our house clean but I think many of you must have argued that if god is omnipresent then why clean the house now?

However, Diwali usually comes in after the rainy season and just before the winter. Back then, when the tradition was started, rainy season was a bad time as the houses were mostly full of mud and grass and hence were easily damaged by heavy rains. Hence Diwali was seen as a time to beautify the house and clean it and also buy clothes for the chilling winter.


We are usually told by elders in the family that don’t sleep with your head towards the North.. and we are        like what’s with that?


The earth is a giant magnet! And so is our body! Hence when we sleep with our head towards the North, our body’s magnetic field becomes completely asymmetrical to that of the Earth which can cause problems related to blood pressure and our heart needs to work harder in order to overcome the asymmetry of the magnetic fields.


So I guess Science is evolving to prove what our ancestors already knew but wasn’t passed on to us properly..!

What do you think now?



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