Sunny Leone Bats For Shelter and Street Dogs In New PETA Ad

Bollywood siren Sunny Leone, whose next film One Night Stand is set to release soon posed with a rescued dog, Kaali from the Welfare of Stray Dogs, as she appeared in a new PETA ad with the caption “Be an Angel for Animals! Adopt a Dog From the Street or a Shelter”.

Leone, who has over the years being a vocal advocate of animal rights with her new ad wishes to make ware the sad plight of dogs in animal shelters, waiting for new homes to be adopted into. Adoption, and not buying, she says, is the key to fighting animal homelessness in the world.

“I believe in not buying – and adopting … because there are so many dogs out there [who] need a home, [who] were left on the streets”, says Leone. “If you can rescue an animal, then that’s one of the greatest gifts you can give somebody.”

Homeless animals, including thousands of cats and dogs across India are fighting for the last morsels of food to keep them full and healthy. However, with few scraps to nibble on, many go hungry for days. Some are killed by rash driving on the roads, some are wounded and hounded relentlessly by the cruelty of strangers  as their bodies become infected while many others continue to wait despondently in shelters, awaiting friendly homes to find themselves welcome in.

PETA and Leone have also pursued an initiative of sterilization of companion animals. Sterilization is an usual, fairly affordable medical procedure that cane prevent thousands of dogs from being born into a cruel and insufferable life of bare survival. This procedure further dispels the discomfort associated and felt by female dogs, especially during times of extreme heat, and does also largely reduce the risk of developing mammary cancer.  Sterilization has also suggested to lower the probability of male dogs to roam and fight with others.

However, this isn’t Leone’s first ad or partnership with PETA. She had previously starred in PETA’s animal birth control campaign as well. This only shows to prove that Leone may just be the most pro-active advocate for our furry friends in B-Town.

We look forward to seeing her in her lead role in the forthcoming movie Beiimaan Love, as well in Raees where she is said to shake a leg with King Khan himself.

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